Assalamualaikum, hello & welcome! :)

First of all, I'll begin by introducing a few general things about this virtual journal of mine. This blog is where I compile stories and photos of events that I wish to capture from my lifelong journey, together with some of my random musings and novice artwork. I have had this blog for quite some time now, but I only began actively blogging after realising how good it would be to keep an account of what has been happening along the years in my life. I hope that it would become a reliable reference to my personal encounters and I look forward to it as being a good source of update for my lovely family (exclusively my ever supportive Mummy and Baba), my dearest friends and possibly you as well :)

I'm now pursuing my 5-year medical studies in Cork, Ireland. While I'm in a totally different environment for a period of time, I'm planning to take this chance to share my findings about my exploration of life, religion, places, people and even my inner self. With Allah's will, I'll keep on writing even after I finish my course here.

Other than sharing the stories that I have, I'm here to read what others got to say. Personally, I love reading blogs which can positively feed my mind and soul. I must say that I also find joy in helping people by means of exchanging advice or even just listening to problems. So if you happen to want to share about some situations that you might find difficult or anything, don't hesitate to let me know via blog comment or Facebook. I guess that's pretty much it. Thanks for reading!