Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Barcelona Class Trip (Part 3: Camp Nou and Playa de la Barceloneta)

Assalamualaikum :D

To me, the third day was the most epic day in the history of my travels. I actually step foot on Camp Nou, the home of FC Barcelona (one day after watching my first Barcelona match on tv hahahahaha)! Seeing a majestic stadium live in front of my eyes was just spellbinding. Thinking of the fact that Messi and Beckham were just there the night before is just crazy. After spending hours at the stadium, we relaxed the beach where we spent the rest of our day :)

My first picture of Camp Nou!

I swear to God, Messi's jersey was sold like pisang goreng! Haha.


Aina had her name printed on a Barca jersey she purchased! :D

Excited to get the Camp Nou experience!

There were just so many trophies in that room!


The stadium on the inside! :D

If you were to enter the store, this is what you would see first. 

This was the funniest part! I wanted to take a picture of the people in front, but that guy blocked my view haha :p

The players masseuse parlour :3

Their jaccuzi.

Their lockers.

Finally stepped on the grass in the stadium! :O

The beach :) ♥

My feet are the one on your left :)

I like this stacking picture so so much! Thanks Nell! :P

Spanish seafood paella for Aina & I :D