Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Barcelona Class Trip (Part 3: Camp Nou and Playa de la Barceloneta)

My first picture of Camp Nou!

I swear to God, Messi's jersey was sold like pisang goreng! Haha.


Aina had her name printed on a Barca jersey she purchased! :D

Excited to get the Camp Nou experience!

There were just so many trophies in that room!


The stadium on the inside! :D

If you were to enter the store, this is what you would see first. 

This was the funniest part! I wanted to take a picture of the people in front, but that guy blocked my view haha :p

The players masseuse parlour :3

Their jaccuzi.

Their lockers.

Finally stepped on the grass in the stadium! :O

The beach :) ♥

My feet are the one on your left :)

I like this stacking picture so so much! Thanks Nell! :P

Spanish seafood paella for Aina & I :D