Tuesday, February 12, 2013

London Exploration (Part 5): Final Days, Random Places


Finally, after almost two months since my London holidays, I'm now typing out the last post for this trip. Couldn't feel more relieved. I recall that I didn't really take that many pictures during my last few days there; there were also places that I went to but didn't bother to take any pictures of. I can also only vaguely remember the sequence of events that happened, so I'll just blurt out what I remember :)


I didn't go for Boxing Day in this trip cause I was paranoid of pickpockets and the expected stampede. I stayed at the hotel and talked all day long with my momma instead :p So this photo was not taken during boxing day. It was taken some time after.

The city streets turned me into a lightbug :p

On the day after boxing day, I went out with Aina to go explore the London Tomb. It was also the day where I experienced going up and down the London Underground tubes alone; and it wasn't all that simple. So many lines were closed on that day for some reason, so I had to pay close attention to the alternative routes. Alhamdulillah, I  eventually arrived safely & surprisingly, at almost the same time as Aina ;p

After reuniting, Aina and I searched for the ticket booth. We saw one booth exactly opposite the London Bridge Underground Station, but it wasn't that one. Some guy working there told us that the London Tomb booth was actually somewhere behind that place. So we both rushed to that correct booth and got in a queue. We were stuck in a queue outside the London Tomb for quite some time. After around half an hour standing idly in the queue, we were allowed to enter. It was dark outside and it was even darker inside. We both went up to the ticket counter and showed our tickets. The woman at the counter scanned through and gave each of us a device that kinda looked like a phone but it was actually some sort of speaker with numbers on it. We hanged the device over our necks and went in. 

We thought we were already inside, but nooooo, we still had to queue and wait for everybody -.-'' We didn't wait that long in this queue. We were somehow supposed to line up in twos, so obviously, I paired up with Aina. Not too long after, a rather good-looking Caucasian guy stood at the beginning of the queue. He had this halloween-ish make up on and he wore a Pirate costume. He gathered our attention by explaining to us his role and what will happen next. Right after explaining, he let people in by eights. Aina and I both pretty much freaked out cause we obviously didn't want to be the frontmost person in the group of eights -.-''. Our cries were heard (no we didn't cry, I meant cry, as in "cry"). We were snuggly in the middle of the queue. Phew :p

The moment we passed through the gate, we knew that were about to get screwed :p So all of us in our little group carefully ventured our way through the dark space and then eventually got into a room where there were these model houses and some other historical stuff in it. It was kind of a bummer cause we really wanted to get scared already :p Oh yeah, on the way to the room, there was a little bit of a scare and that was the only time when I let out my girly scream. Haha :p

The model houses I was referring to.

Past the room of model houses (as so I call), our journey began. I could break our journey into two parts. The first part really just revolved around the pirate-dressed Caucasian guy's acting. He showed us some random things and tried to interact with our group of people. I tried to enjoy it, but I didn't, to be frank. I wanted to be scared, not bored. It was more like delaying rather than entertaining. I guess some people might have liked that part, especially the kids. 

The second part was unquestionably the better part. Yup, this part had scares! Yeehaa :p We were led into a place where we had our picture taken so that we could buy it later. We were told to pose horrifyingly. Aina had her left hand around my neck as I pretentiously choked. The lady who took our picture our enthusiasm :p Right after having our pictures taken, we were led into a narrow room with a long bench for us to sit on. We were locked inside for a while. Opposite of where we were facing, there were screens advertising how scary the next part was going to be and the warnings that we should heed. I personally started getting the chills cause I was at the end of the row. I could either be first, or last.

When the time came, the door right next to me opened up. Great. I'm first, I thought -.-'' However, Aina quickly told the guide person to put both of us before somebody, so we had a couple of Indian guys from our group to lead the way instead of us. Thanks Aina. Haha :p We walked and consequently entered an "abandoned-half-working-lift". We stood in there like a pack of sardines while the lift shook and thumped. I was guessing that we were still on the same floor. Those were just silly effects :p 

Leaving the lift, we made our way to the entrance of the second half of our London Tomb experience. We were about to enter the scary part! As expected, we were warned of this and that and people who felt too afraid or are not fit to enter are allowed to leave. Aina and I persisted. This was what we have been waiting for :') 

We had to walk in a line with our hands over the shoulders of the person in front of us. There were two people in front of me and Aina was behind me. As we walked steadily into the haunted house, I dared myself to not scream at all. Now this is  the part where my memory goes boom bye-bye. I couldn't remember the chronology of the places we went though in the haunted house, but I could distinctly remember the expected cheap scares and the final amazingly horrifying part where the Jigsaw Killer tried to "decapitate'' us with a circular saw! Hehe. I liked the last part cause the circular saw briefly hovered above our heads and the sound effects were just so real! 

But, the best part was, I didn't scream at all (though I did feel tachycardic :p) If you've been to Sunway Lagoon's Scream Park, you can definitely say that London Tomb's haunted house isn't that scary in comparison. Sunway Lagoon's Scream Park was longer, crazier and had at least 30 actors all throughout the route inside. The one in London Tomb had not more than 15 I think, which was a bit of a disappointment. You know how Malaysians are obsessed with ghosts and they'd just scare you off with no mercy? So in my opinion, Sunway Lagoon pulled off a better haunted house experience than the London Tomb ;)

Some cool souvenirs :)

The Jigsaw Killahhh!

The Electrocuting chair O_O

In the next part of this post, I won't be saying much. I'm really tired already hehe. In short, that night, I explored Covent Garden, had some Laduree, had a big bowl of Lo Mein at Rasa Sayang, unexpectedly met Nazzie & went to M&M's world again. 

I told you I enjoy being in the presence of a mirror :p

Was my first time there I think.

Pretty illuminating Christmas tree.

This guy must be a comedian or a magician. I couldn't see through the crowd so I took this picture with my camera held high above my head haha.

Lookie this huge reindeer :')

My Lo Mein :D There was a guy on the table right next to ours who was so interested in my dish and he just couldn't wait for me to begin eating so that I could tell him how it tasted like. Hahaha.

Aina got the Almond Mix! :D

I've been on that podium two times and I got the White one both times.

This has to be my favourite :p

She coincidentally wore that! Can you believe it? 

Made with M&M's ;)

On the next day, I had the chance to meet Ajie and have some lunch with her. Later on, I explored this National Art Gallery and went to see London Bridge and Tower Bridge.

Ajie & I :)

After leaving the art gallery, Tin spotted this Malaysian flag on one of the buildings :D

London Bridge.

This is seeing Tower Bridge from London Bridge. It looks so pretty :)

Me with my Marilyn Monroe dress :p

We had fun here :p

An ice-skating rink in front of some sort of Tower of London fort :p It was peaceful & quiet.

Lion King :D

Tower of London Souvenir Shop. 

That behind me is Tower Bridge up closer.

Favourite picture of Tower Bridge.

Finally on top of Tower Bridge :)

All in all, my trip to London was a decent one and it definitely had it's challenges. There were things that should just be left unspoken, but will always be at the back of my mind. I'm truly thankful to be given the chance to explore London again. I hope that next time when I come to UK, I'd get to go to Warner Bros Harry Potter studio. That's all I want :p Till my next post, bye2 :)