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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Barcelona Class Trip (Part 1: Arrival)


Around this time last year, I spent a couple of days visiting Paris, France with Nell, Fathin & Nabihah. This year, I joined a class trip to Barcelona, Spain. At least 70 of my classmates went to this trip, and out of that number, only five were Malaysians, including myself :p Our class reps planned this trip months and months ago and the destination was kept a secret. Despite that, my friends and I had a strong feeling that we might be going to Spain (and we were right!). 

Altogether, we spent five days in Barcelona. As everything was already planned out, we realised that we didn't get to visit the other cities in Spain. Nonetheless, I personally think that this Barcelona trip was worthy considering the fact that we did get the chance to visit quite a number of beautiful and historical places around the city. 

The weather was expected to be around 12-16 degrees Celcius, but it was actually pretty warm and "rain-less" (Very unlike Ireland :p). It did get a little cold at nighttime though. One of my classmates told us that it was 30 degrees Celsius during one of the days! That's so Malaysia, alright :p I sure was glad I didn't bring along thick clothes :)

Okay, I won't being writing much later on (even in my next posts). I'll just put in some captions where necessary :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

London Exploration (Part 5): Final Days, Random Places


Finally, after almost two months since my London holidays, I'm now typing out the last post for this trip. Couldn't feel more relieved. I recall that I didn't really take that many pictures during my last few days there; there were also places that I went to but didn't bother to take any pictures of. I can also only vaguely remember the sequence of events that happened, so I'll just blurt out what I remember :)


I didn't go for Boxing Day in this trip cause I was paranoid of pickpockets and the expected stampede. I stayed at the hotel and talked all day long with my momma instead :p So this photo was not taken during boxing day. It was taken some time after.

Sunday, February 03, 2013

London Exploration (Part 4): London Eye, Big Ben and Winter Wonderland


If my blog's a human being, she'd probably slap me in the face right now. I didn't make a single post all throughout the month of January despite knowing that I could have fitted in an hour or two to post something. My new year resolutions met a tragic twist too. I believe they all ran away, jumped into a hole & buried themselves alive ._.

I'm currently typing this out  while listening to an Epic Music Mix of the Pirates of the Caribbean (I had to check the spelling for Caribbean lol). There's like this little bobble head Mozart in my mind doing the conductor's "head bang", ferociously swaying his arms in the air. This sort of cartoon-ish thinking; my mum has it too. 

Anyvvvays, I promised that I'd make a post about the next part of my London Trip (like anybody really cares :p). Regardless if you do or do not, I'll still post this cause although I'm quite a procrastinator, I actually like to see things get done sooner or later. I wouldn't really wanna post anything else in this blog until I finish up this London "series". 

I'm not gonna write much in this part, but I'll place captions below each picture. By the way, thank you for reading, if you actually are. I really appreciate it :)