Sunday, December 23, 2012

London Exploration (Part 3): Madame Tussauds

Assalamualaikum :D

This, this is what I've been waiting for all these years :D I finally got to go to Madame Tussauds! I can't even describe how ecstatic I was when I entered that place. The wax figures looked almost real! Most of them were spot on but my darling Robert Downey Jr was horribly made :( I wish they made a better one. 

We spent around 3 hours or so in that place. Other than seeing the wax figures, we engaged in a few supplementary activities over there. There was this Madame Tussauds "Scream", by which we were taken into a short trip through a haunted house. It was quite terrifying but I managed to not scream; just because I dared myself not to :p 

We also went to experience "Marvel Super Heroes 4D". I personally really liked this one cause I've never been to a 4D cinema before and I happen to really like The Avengers :D It was cool cause the projections were crisp clear and the effects were surreal. They had bursts of wind gushing by our ears when the superheroes attacked the villains, they had water sprinkling at us when there was indication of water on the screen, there were thumping vibrations at our seats when the gigantic superheroes walk. I swear I'd go and see all of that again if I could!

There was also this "Spirit of London" ride where we sat in "black cabs" which took us on a mini exploration through the history of London. This one was really amazing too. I've never seen anything quite like it. We saw how London was supposed to look like during the medieval times and we saw how London evolved. It was a state of the art experience. It's definitely a must see.

By the way, I wore a red shawl which Nell gave to me and a red skirt I bought in Malaysia because I thought it matched Madame Tussauds interior theme :p *Nak jugak mention hehe* So now, here are the pictures my friends and I took during our trip there. Enjoy! :D

I felt like crying when I saw this :'D

Waiting to enter :)

First wax figure I met: George Clooney! I have a thing for older handsome mat salleh guys :P *drools* 

Orlando Bloom

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

David & Victoria Beckham

Gagagagaga Johnny Depp!! :D

Leonardo DiCaprio :')

Tom Cruise. I was actually genuinely laughing!

Russell Brand 

Namaste Amitabh Bachan :D

Shah Rukh Khan!

Marilyn Monroe :)

Audrey Hepburn looks so pretty! ^_^

Going over the moon with ET!

Arnold Susah-nak-eja :P

Daniel Craig :D He actually does look like my Clinical Practice GP!

Whoopi Goldberg :D

Maybe Shrek ate a donkey?

Tinkerbell is so tiny :)

Jolly ol' Shrek and I :)

Bella Othman with Edward Cullen and Jacob Black :p

Sexy-backing with Justin Timberlake :P

Steven Speilberg suggested me to write a movie! Nah, kidding :p

Whatcha showing me Usain?

Sorry dude, I forgot your name so I'm running away -.-"

Pele :')

Tango time with David Beckham :p

I met the Queen, and Kate, and William!

It's sad that Lady D's wax figure was put at one corner :(

Van Gogh :)

Stephen Hawking

Albert Einstein. When I study too much, my hair becomes like this :p

With my Beatle boys!

Madonna with her iconic bra :P

Michael Jackson. Auw!

Rihanna :)

Britney Spears!! Love her :D

Freddie Mercury :D

Lady Gaga :)

Elvis Presley, why are you so handsome??? 

Bob Marleyyyy :D

Mahatma Gandhi. He reminds me of my granny :3

Adolf Hitler! :D *was that smiley necessary? ;P*


Some vampire I don't know :p

So eerie ._.

Horrifying ._.

Terrifying ._.

The process :P

I think I put the process backwards :p

Yes, I definitely did. 

This is how the core of the wax figures look like.

And our very own Madame Tussauds!

The Hulk!

Spiderman :)

Wolverine :)

IRON MAN! Heart attack!! I wish Robert Downey Jr's in there :(

Iron man :')

Captian America pun sorang lagi. Why you so handsome T___T

In the Marvel Super Heroes 4D!

Aaaand we're done :) Look at these big chupa chups!

We posted a review there :)

Super tired T_T

We're totally done :)

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