Sunday, December 23, 2012

London Exploration (Part 1): Arrival and Chinatown

Assalamualaikum :)

Right now, I'm with my friends at London. This is our second trip to this place and this time, we plan to explore even more places; places that we've never been to and places that we have but didn't get the chance to explore.

I started off the journey with Tin only because Nell  was to meet us at the airport later that afternoon. Our journey took off pretty well. Our baggages passed the weight and size measurements and the flight we took arrived sooner than I expected. As soon as we arrived, we were able to pass through the airport security via the fast lane because we happened to arrive from Ireland. Yeay hehe. After reuniting with Nell, we took a half an hour long train ride on Gatwick Express which took us to Victoria and this ride too, was a breezy one.

We booked our first few days of our stay here at Easy Hotel Victoria. Considering the few nights that we spent in this hotel, I believe that it's safe for me to guarantee that this is one of the most convenient budget hotels I've ever been to. It's not exactly super cheap, but the price is rather surprising considering it's cleanliness, safety, customer service and distance from the London Underground station.

Breakfast that Tin & I prepared that morning. Why spend a lot when you can have some home-cooked meal? :)

In Gatwick-Victoria Express

Nelly :)

We had to take an ID photo  :_;

Our bed in Easy Hotel :D

That's the toilet door. Everything's so orange in here :)

That's the teeny weeny toilet


That night, my friends and I decided to take a really good rest. So we began our London exploration the next day. Now, the 2nd day was a biiiit rough on us. We had a problem with the hotel booking of the next five days of our trip here. There was this problem with our cards cause the website of the hotel we opted to go to happened to have ridiculously strict security measures. Everything had to be precisely verified and there was always something that kept us from verifying our cards. I think we dealt with it for like two hours, two very dreadful hours. Lucky enough for us, we eventually did find a solution for it in the nick of time ._.

After battling hard with our emotions, we decided to chill off. Upon Tin's suggestion, we went to Chatime to have some bubble tea. And guess what, it was my first time having Chatime! :) After having a splendid dose of Chatime, we set off to discover that part of the city. We explored Chinatown and Nell bought some Kuey Teow (it tasted so good!) Anddd, to our surprise, we found M&M's world too! :) 

This reminds me of Glee :D

The two amazing navigators :)

Waiting in line in Chatime

Excited faces :)

Promoting Chatime? 

Yeayayayaya! Pearl Milk Bubble Tea, so sedap!


This is Chinatown!

Nasi Lemak has gone global :')

The Gerbang.


I dreamed a dream as time goes by...

Cause this is thriller, thriller night,
And no one's gonna save you from the beast about to strike...

Can't resist :3

Ladayyy in reddd :)

Adorable :')

We are Lady D's clones :D

If I can't get to Abbey Road, this would do :)

I love this sign haha

I realised how much I wanted this after leaving the shop :(

The salesguy thought this one looked good on me haha 

I don't remember the name of this road -.-" But it's beautiful :)

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