Sunday, December 23, 2012

London Exploration (Part 3): Madame Tussauds

Assalamualaikum :D

This, this is what I've been waiting for all these years :D I finally got to go to Madame Tussauds! I can't even describe how ecstatic I was when I entered that place. The wax figures looked almost real! Most of them were spot on but my darling Robert Downey Jr was horribly made :( I wish they made a better one. 

We spent around 3 hours or so in that place. Other than seeing the wax figures, we engaged in a few supplementary activities over there. There was this Madame Tussauds "Scream", by which we were taken into a short trip through a haunted house. It was quite terrifying but I managed to not scream; just because I dared myself not to :p 

We also went to experience "Marvel Super Heroes 4D". I personally really liked this one cause I've never been to a 4D cinema before and I happen to really like The Avengers :D It was cool cause the projections were crisp clear and the effects were surreal. They had bursts of wind gushing by our ears when the superheroes attacked the villains, they had water sprinkling at us when there was indication of water on the screen, there were thumping vibrations at our seats when the gigantic superheroes walk. I swear I'd go and see all of that again if I could!

There was also this "Spirit of London" ride where we sat in "black cabs" which took us on a mini exploration through the history of London. This one was really amazing too. I've never seen anything quite like it. We saw how London was supposed to look like during the medieval times and we saw how London evolved. It was a state of the art experience. It's definitely a must see.

By the way, I wore a red shawl which Nell gave to me and a red skirt I bought in Malaysia because I thought it matched Madame Tussauds interior theme :p *Nak jugak mention hehe* So now, here are the pictures my friends and I took during our trip there. Enjoy! :D

I felt like crying when I saw this :'D

London Exploration (Part 2): M&M's World


I believe that this post doesn't really need much explanation to do. I've just included pictures along with captions of what I found at M&M's world :)

London Exploration (Part 1): Arrival and Chinatown

Assalamualaikum :)

Right now, I'm with my friends at London. This is our second trip to this place and this time, we plan to explore even more places; places that we've never been to and places that we have but didn't get the chance to explore.

I started off the journey with Tin only because Nell  was to meet us at the airport later that afternoon. Our journey took off pretty well. Our baggages passed the weight and size measurements and the flight we took arrived sooner than I expected. As soon as we arrived, we were able to pass through the airport security via the fast lane because we happened to arrive from Ireland. Yeay hehe. After reuniting with Nell, we took a half an hour long train ride on Gatwick Express which took us to Victoria and this ride too, was a breezy one.

We booked our first few days of our stay here at Easy Hotel Victoria. Considering the few nights that we spent in this hotel, I believe that it's safe for me to guarantee that this is one of the most convenient budget hotels I've ever been to. It's not exactly super cheap, but the price is rather surprising considering it's cleanliness, safety, customer service and distance from the London Underground station.

Breakfast that Tin & I prepared that morning. Why spend a lot when you can have some home-cooked meal? :)