Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Reminiscing Summer :)

Assalamualaikum :)

I recently realised that I didn't put up any posts on this blog during the whole month of September. The thing is, I never really had the perfect time (and mood) to do so, but today, I think I'm feeling quite enthusiastic to do some storytelling :p So this post is really nothing much. It's just that I feel like keeping a brief account of what has been happening in the past few months. I could guess that nobody would actually read this possibly lengthy post, especially now that there aren't many people active on Blogger these days (or is it just me?) :p 

I'm not sure if I mentioned it before, but I had a three-month holiday which began in mid June and ended in late September, in which I spent entirely in Malaysia. After spending nine months away from home, I was finally given the chance to meet up my closest family & friends & spend a great deal of time with my bestfriend, my mummy :)

The beginning of my holiday was purely my honeymoon period. I basically lazed around at home, sleeping whenever I want, eating whatever I liked. Two weeks of sheer freedom. It's really normal to be spending holidays like that, but for me, it would get so boring and meaningless eventually. So thanks to my mum, I actually had something good to do. My mum discovered this small business opportunity that involved Takaful Insurance. It's like a business where you can help other people renew their roadtax and you'd get some commission. To enable us to run the business, my mum & I were required to study the bases of Takaful Insurance and take an exam. The notes were full of all those law terms, and they were thick and complicated. (I wonder how you guys take law. I salute you people ._.). Alhamdulillah, we passed and had to do a few more things before we can run the business. Currently there are still some things that has to be done before we spread the details, but I hope I can do it soon. (Am I actually advertising?) :p

Of course, after leaving home for almost a year, who wouldn't want to see their beloved relatives? I started off by paying a visit to the family of my closest aunt. My cousin's wife gave birth to a cute little baby boy.  Alhamdulillah :) To me, it was perfect timing cause I'm always not there to witness a newborn in our family :p As for my other relatives, I got to meet them during our annual barbecue night. It was some time after raya. There was obviously lamb (cause our family loves lamb so much).The lamb was impossibly scrumptious and juicy. I want one now. Omggg haha. And when it comes to my friends, I was fortunate to be able to meet who I wanted to meet. It's cause most of them were due to fly abroad in September and I myself had to settle a lot of my personal things as well. I got to meet like almost 10 of my friends, in almost 5 totally separate events. As a stay home type of girl, that's a lot of people in just a few weeks haha.

My favourite part of my holiday was the part when my family and I threw a surprise birthday party for the little girl in our family, Amanda. Her birthday was supposed to be in November, but obviously, I won't be there in Malaysia on that day. We knew how badly she wanted an Ipod touch, up till the point that she was so determined to collect her own Raya money to buy herself one. Knowing this, we got even more excited for the surprise. My mum & I secretly bought her the Ipod touch and also bought her some other gifts as well. On the day of the surprise birthday party, I called up TGIF and booked a table for us. My mum sneaked out and bought a cake for her It was a good coincidence that my aunt and her daughter was there too, cause you know, the more, the merrier! :) So all throughout the evening, Amanda didn't suspect anything UNTIL the TGIF staff came to our table, singing Happy Birthday. It was certainly a great surprise for her :)

So that's basically it. There are a lot of details that I wish I could type out, but then it'll look as if I'm trying to make a novel about my holidays haha. I think this is good enough to remind me of the good times I had. I'm looking forward for the my next holiday next year. I miss home so much and I hope everything will be okay there :) ♥