Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Little Help Please, Maybe?


It's clearly 4 in the morning right now but God knows how hyper I am right now. I'm probably among the few Malaysians who already had their shower for today. I'm squeaky clean :D Behind the happiness of being able to take a shower, I have to express why I feel that having my shower when everybody else is still asleep is crazy creepy. You obviously know how shampoo companies just loveeee to tempek pictures of creepily smiling beautiful women with super long silky black hair on their shampoo bottles? That always gives me chills. I have to turn the bottles around every time -.-" Wait, you really don't need to read this :| *laughs nervously*

Okay I'll be serious. Heheh.

Anyway, I just wanna talk about something that Idk, might also be lingering in your minds right now. 

Have you ever thought of who exactly you wanna be?

I definitely have, many many many gazillion philosoraptor times.

My inspiration, my motivation, changes so frequently. Sometimes I feel like being the weird carefree guyish Belly (I call myself Belly nowadays). Some other times, after watching Barbie movies, I feel like being a princess. Ahaks. And obviously, a lot of times, I feel like being like one of those decent muslimah girls who you know, cares a lot about this and that.

That final one, it keeps lingering in my mind a lot. I survey a lot of people everyday, and there is one public figure I can relate to based on her character. She's as crazy as.. crazy but she loves sharing stuff about Islam as well. I personally adore her quite a lot, but I'm pretty much wondering, is it okay to still retain this gila-gila character (because it's seriously in my blood) and yet still be a good muslimah? So maybe I need balance is it? I just cannot be super lemah lembut because it makes me feel too restricted. I don't know how to be that Islamic jiwang type, if you know what I mean. If you see my Twitter timeline, it's like I'm Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. One moment, I'd be bombarding the timeline with retweets about Islamic quotes, the other, I'd be talking about my jiggly arm fat.

So what do you think? :]