Saturday, June 30, 2012

Roaming around Rome


Finally, I'm updating my blog about my trip to Rome, Italy which I went to exactly a month ago. I wanted to publish this post yesterday but my sister just got back from her boarding school. Yeay! :P Anyway, I have picked 95 photos that I like and I don't have that much to say in this post, so I'll just write down the caption in each and every one of the photos below. Oh yeah, please ignore my fatty-fatty-bom-bom-ness! :D

Leaving on a jet plane :P

That's my ticket. It was a three-hour journey if I'm not mistaken.

This is the entrance to the hotel we stayed in that night.

And this is the lobby. Looks pretty neat huh :)

That night, we got so hungry and the hotel's cafe was already closed, so we searched for a place to eat. 
Luckily, a restaurant called Ristorante Pizzeria was still open.

The interiors of the restaurant. I like stone walls. I can get stoned. Haha what am I talking about -.-"

Nell and Tin. I didn't want to have my picture taken cause I looked like an Ogre :D

Tin, somewhat comparing her phone to the bottle of coke she bought at the airport earlier that day :P

Among the dishes available. They use Euro as their currency, just like Ireland, so it was really convenient for us.

Breakfast next morning. I had my mouth full, so you see :P

The plant-covered walls of the Hotel.

The tiny garden opposite the Hotel.

This was taken at Frascati. It's the nearest train station in that area that could bring us to the heart of Rome.

If you were to go on a train ride in Rome, you won't miss the galore of graffiti along the streets outside.

You'd get to see graffiti on the train, too :P

When we arrived, we had our minds set to search for Trevi Fountain. We kinda spent quite some time around the same place, but it was okay cause the scenery was undoubtedly beautiful.

I personally like this part of the place for some reason. Maybe it's perfect semi-circle that the building makes?

Dum dee dum dee dummm..

Taking a short pause.

Nelly got a blister already. It was a long walk.

Why not steal some time to do some cam-whoring? :P

I love love love this cafe! :D Just look at the garden outside :P

Finally, after searching high and low and asking around, we got really near to Trevi Fountain. This yellow building with the two flags was our landmark.

Trevi Fountain! :D

I might not need to make a caption about a picture of myself next time :P

Nelly & Belly :)

Just look at it, isn't it pretty? :3

All four of us :)

They say,  if you turn your back against the fountain and manage to flip a coin into it, there's a chance that you'll come back to Italy. Really? :3

My girls :)

I like this shot :D

We're always cam-whoring partners kan Tin2? :P

With Nabbers :)

See, I got darker already :P

Now this is called the Spanish Steps. They say, if a girl walks up the flight of stairs in high heels, she might be a model sooner or later. Haha. 

Candid 1#

Candid 2#

Not-so-candid 3# :D

Looks like somebody else wanted to be in the picture too :P

I like this photo :D

And this one too :D

Tin looks like a supermodel! :P

Later on, we took a bike ride around Rome. Here's the Colosseum! :D

Look at the street. It's so pretty and clean :D

This is known as the Circus Maximus which is now used as a public park.

Having a rest.


Another shot of the Circus Maximus.

Now what are they doing here? Refilling their empty water bottles? Drinking water? Yup!

This is the tap :D

I got to capture the view of St. Peter's dome through a keyhole :D

Everybody only gets around 10 seconds to try to figure out how to take the picture of the dome.

Just look at the queue.

Uh-oh! I'm growing oranges on my hair :O Well, this is The Orange Garden. You could actually smell the fresh scent of oranges all around the garden.

Looks like a Phoenix somehow? *curious face*

Chilling at the sight of Rome :)


People enjoying the scenery.

Bugsy :D

I knew that that's a Croatian flag! Omg omg! :D 

Bestfriends forever ♥

Our bike helmets, obviously.

She looks so pretty in this picture!

This aunty's super sporting! She took a picture with each of us :D

This is just one very random picture :)

Oh I just love flowers! >.<

Voldemort :O

Petrified cat :O

This shop has the best gelato!

I had a combination of chocolate and banana. It's the best gelato I have ever tasted!

It looks like a castle, doesn't it?

This place is full of art masterpieces. They're really-really beautiful :)

A man diligently working on his masterpiece.

Cute little horsey :)

Abruzzi! Reminds me of Prison Break :D

The Pantheon :)


The compulsory jump! :P


This is where the cats in Rome roam around.

Imagine how happy your cats can be if they get a place as big as this to roam in.

A woman patting a kitty :)

I want them puh-lease :3

This is our last stop. I don't know what this place is called.

The guy next to Tin's our bike tour guide. Doesn't he look like Hugh Laurie (Dr. Gregory House)? :3

Our dinner that night :)

Tin's so cute. Hehe.

Sooo that's about it. I had a great day though it was so tiring. I brought back a sun-burnt skin back home as a souvenir. Hehe. Till the next post, bye! :)