Thursday, June 14, 2012

My 20th Birthday! :)

Assalamualaikum & hello! :D

Today is the 14th of June 2012. Doesn’t seem much of a significant date, but I have chosen it to write about my 20th birthday, which I celebrated on the 26th of May (that was just a couple of weeks ago :D). Also, I’ll be going back home tomorrow! Now that makes the 14th of June 2012 pretty significant to me. (Have I ever mentioned that I looove the number “14” as well?) :P I’m pretty sure, to those who have turned 20, it must seem like a huge milestone in my life. Why wouldn’t it be? It’s rather odd to accept the fact that one is not a teenager anymore, especially if that person still acts like a cartoon character. (I’m really talking about me .___.) I owe a great big thank you to a friend of mine who wished me Happy Twen-teen! Hahah :P

Like a lot of people, I have always loved setting resolutions on pretty dates (Ya know what I mean, don’t cha?) :P As for my 20th birthday resolution, I only made ONE resolution. Just one. I just want to become a better person, that’s all. The word “better”, itself, is very broad and subjective. This time, this resolution of mine resolution isn’t one that is to be accomplished in a month or in a year. It has no due date. It’s much of an on-going process. To make my become-a-better-person-resolution seem much more achievable for me, I do keep stocking up some tiny little aims at the back of my mind from time to time. This resolution is special because I don’t look at the outcome only, unlike the resolutions that I made before, but I take into account the process of achieving it. Those little aims, accomplished or not, it’s okay. I’ll learn something either ways :)

On the afternoon of 25th of May 2012, I got a call from a Flower Company. The guy on the line said that I should be expecting a bouquet of flowers and that I should go to the gate to take it in the next 5 minutes. I was so excited! I did experience getting a few stalks of graduation flowers from my friends before, but I have never gotten a bouquet of flowers from anyone. So there I went, rushing downstairs towards the front gate. I waited patiently at one of the benches and kept an eye on a Flower Company van. Before I knew it, a big red van came into the apartment’s compound. The flower guy rang me and told me he was there. I walked briskly towards the van and told him that I was there. He didn’t seem to realise that I was, maybe because I was too short to be noticed :P I did startle him somehow. Funny man, he was. Without hesitation, he opened up one of the doors of his van and took out an enormous bouquet of fresh flowers. The sight of it made me laugh because I knew that I would have to carry all the way upstairs while having the bundle of flowers cover my face. As soon as I got upstairs into my room, I opened up the little card stuck on the bouquet. Guess who it’s from? A secret admirer, it said :P

Although I received that beautiful bouquet of flowers, I got annoyingly anxious that night before my birthday because I was afraid that my bestfriends would forget about it. I have never really cared before, but because it’s my 20th birthday and due to the fact that I was PMS-ing, I turned really sensitive. It was around 11.40 p.m. on the 25th of May 2012 when I weeped quietly in my room. How silly! :P To let the thought of my birthday slip my mind somehow, I watched a movie called “Hugo”. At 12 a.m. on the 26th of May 2012, none of my friends wished me birthday. I was stunned. I kept checking the time on my laptop in between the movies. Before I knew it, it turned 1 a.m. already. Great. I’m celebrating my 20th birthday, super lonely, I thought.

Despite having my heart sink to the bottom of my thoracic cavity, I decided to make a 2-rakaat-hajat prayer due to my birthday. I wanted to thank Allah for all the years He granted me and I wanted to make a special du’a on my birthday J I took my ablution and went off to pray. In the middle of praying, my doorbell rang. I was surprised that I almost jumped. Ironically, I kind of forgot about my birthday in that split second. In my telekung, I went for the door and opened it without any suspicion. To my greatest surprise, there they were, all of my bestest friends right there in front of me. They immediately sang aloud the Happy Birthday song while having my reaction recorded on the camera (Thank goodness I wore my telekung, so I can have the video uploaded. It’ll like it was planned :P). They also brought a chocolate cake with pecans which was especially baked by Tin2 :D I was basically speechless :D

After “making my wish” and blowing the candles off, I brought my friends into my room. I was literally moved to tears knowing that they did remember my birthday after all. I thought that all of them were busy or asleep. Nell did say on Twitter that she wanted to sleep already. Nabihah & Tin wished me earlier. Aina just kept quiet. Hahah. I couldn’t have expected it. So that night, the gift-opening ceremony officially started :3 I began with Nell’s presents. To my greatest delight, I got a vanilla-coloured blouse and a black maxi skirt from Nell, which I sorta modeled that night :P She knew that I have been searching high and low for a maxi skirt! I love the outfit so much! She also made me some oatmeal chocholate cookie, in which one of them had a face on it :D When I thought that was already the best gift ever, it didn’t just stop there. Tin2 gave me Billy-Ri’s baby friend (Billy-Ri’s my stuffed pillow), a pair of sunglasses and a coaster (still, up till now, I still see a set of coaster as a surprisingly random birthday gift, Tin :P). I have always wanted a little friend for Billy-Ri and I did want a pair of sunglasses though I never mentioned it before. She read my mind! :P Next up was Nabihah. My jaw dropped when she handed me a Coldplay CD! I’m a fan of Coldplay and I would be singing to their songs whenever I hear them on air. I felt like crying. My friends are like mind readers! Lastly, there was Aina. She looked at me and apologised for not having a gift for me. I said that it was okay. I was just glad that she was there. Little did I know that I had a bigger surprise waiting for me :)

The next day, Nell, Tin & I went out to the city. We didn’t really do much and we ended up pretty tired that afternoon. I fell asleep for a few hours before I woke up. All the fatigue was due to the awesome and lively night before. My friends didn’t need to drink or smoke anything to act wasted :P They karaoked to so many different songs, super loud. I wanted to sing as loud as they did, but I was such a coward. I was afraid somebody would knock at my door and tell us to shut up :P So yea, after paying my sleep debt, I woke up and went to the kitchen to make some food. My housemate, Shafiqah was there too. We had quite a chat before she told me she had to go into her room. So there I stayed in the kitchen, waiting to figure out what to cook. At that moment, I realised that I left something in my room, so I went. To my biggest and somewhat scariest surprise, my bestfriends were in my room with confetti and masks and hats! I thought I could’ve fainted haha. There was a galore of food on the floor too! I was speechless! They surprised me twice! They also invited K.Yan over to celebrate her belated birthday. K.Zai didn’t get to come though. The food was delicious! Nell made my favourite food; ayam masak merah. Nabihah made a banana cake with the words “Bell, K.Yan & K.Zay” printed on it with chocolate chips. Nell, Nabihah & Aina also made the nasi briyani (with raisins) which we ate along with the ayam masak merah. I never knew they could cook such amazing dishes! Thank you guys :’)

We carried on with our feast till late at night. In between that, the fire alarm at Victoria Lodge went off. It's been quite some time since it did. As usual, we would hurry down and basically do nothing. So we headed to the common room where we just fooled around. Later on, after we got bored, we went out again, near the fire truck. I think I was too over the moon that day that I shamelessly exclaimed that it was my birthday. There was a chief fire brigade officer there that day and he was unexpectedly very supporting (now is that the right word?). We got to take a picture with him and a fireman. Right before the picture was taken, the chief guy put his hat on my head. I have never thought it could've turned any better than that :P

So that was how I celebrated my 20th birthday :D And oh, just before I end this, do you remember the bouquet of flowers I mentioned. Do you want to know who gave it to me? Well, it’s that girl who said she didn’t have any presents for me, and that girl is Aina! :P Mystery solved. Haha. The End! :P