Saturday, June 30, 2012

Roaming around Rome


Finally, I'm updating my blog about my trip to Rome, Italy which I went to exactly a month ago. I wanted to publish this post yesterday but my sister just got back from her boarding school. Yeay! :P Anyway, I have picked 95 photos that I like and I don't have that much to say in this post, so I'll just write down the caption in each and every one of the photos below. Oh yeah, please ignore my fatty-fatty-bom-bom-ness! :D

Leaving on a jet plane :P

Thursday, June 14, 2012

My 20th Birthday! :)

Assalamualaikum & hello! :D

Today is the 14th of June 2012. Doesn’t seem much of a significant date, but I have chosen it to write about my 20th birthday, which I celebrated on the 26th of May (that was just a couple of weeks ago :D). Also, I’ll be going back home tomorrow! Now that makes the 14th of June 2012 pretty significant to me. (Have I ever mentioned that I looove the number “14” as well?) :P I’m pretty sure, to those who have turned 20, it must seem like a huge milestone in my life. Why wouldn’t it be? It’s rather odd to accept the fact that one is not a teenager anymore, especially if that person still acts like a cartoon character. (I’m really talking about me .___.) I owe a great big thank you to a friend of mine who wished me Happy Twen-teen! Hahah :P

Like a lot of people, I have always loved setting resolutions on pretty dates (Ya know what I mean, don’t cha?) :P As for my 20th birthday resolution, I only made ONE resolution. Just one. I just want to become a better person, that’s all. The word “better”, itself, is very broad and subjective. This time, this resolution of mine resolution isn’t one that is to be accomplished in a month or in a year. It has no due date. It’s much of an on-going process. To make my become-a-better-person-resolution seem much more achievable for me, I do keep stocking up some tiny little aims at the back of my mind from time to time. This resolution is special because I don’t look at the outcome only, unlike the resolutions that I made before, but I take into account the process of achieving it. Those little aims, accomplished or not, it’s okay. I’ll learn something either ways :)

On the afternoon of 25th of May 2012, I got a call from a Flower Company. The guy on the line said that I should be expecting a bouquet of flowers and that I should go to the gate to take it in the next 5 minutes. I was so excited! I did experience getting a few stalks of graduation flowers from my friends before, but I have never gotten a bouquet of flowers from anyone. So there I went, rushing downstairs towards the front gate. I waited patiently at one of the benches and kept an eye on a Flower Company van. Before I knew it, a big red van came into the apartment’s compound. The flower guy rang me and told me he was there. I walked briskly towards the van and told him that I was there. He didn’t seem to realise that I was, maybe because I was too short to be noticed :P I did startle him somehow. Funny man, he was. Without hesitation, he opened up one of the doors of his van and took out an enormous bouquet of fresh flowers. The sight of it made me laugh because I knew that I would have to carry all the way upstairs while having the bundle of flowers cover my face. As soon as I got upstairs into my room, I opened up the little card stuck on the bouquet. Guess who it’s from? A secret admirer, it said :P

Friday, June 08, 2012


Assalamualaikum :)

As I begin typing this out, it's 3.23 a.m. now in Malaysia. Believe it or not, I'm just one week away from being in that time zone. My three-month holiday in Malaysia will begin on the 16th of June 2012, InsyaAllah. Throughout my blogging interlude (which is probably the third one this year?), there were quite a few occasions when I felt like writing something in here, and those occasions weren't just, occasions. I'll consider the ones worth writing :)

Right now, I'm just chilling at the sofa of my friends' house. They just got wifi installed. *my inner voice squeals* Goodbye to no internet days, *exhales* We have been (almost) internet-less for over a week now and this is such a relief. With the exams over and some friends away and about, it really feels like there's nothing to do, but I know that I actually do have some things to do. I have a few drawing requests yet to be completed, but something went wrong with my tablet. I might need to reinstall the tablet's programme. *sighs*

Though my routine lately does seem pretty boring, being home alone actually did me good. I have been longing for a chance to spend my time completely alone; walk to the city alone, eat alone; explore alone (& sing alone). Now that's what I call a vacation. Haha. 

So yea basically, as the title says, I'm here to just drop by a hello, I think :P

Duckies at a lake called The Lough. Though the lake's really near my house, 
I just cared to pay a visit just now. I believe I can see the duckies every afternoon :P