Friday, May 11, 2012

Our New Independently-rented Apartment! :)


I was so excited to put up this new post yesterday but I didn't really bother to move cause I was just so tired! I'm just done with three out of five of my important exams. Alhamdulillah. It feels like a burden has been lifted off my shoulder! 

So right after the exam yesterday, my friends and I headed off to the City to treat ourselves with a lunch at our all-time favourite Banna Thai :) As usual, I had duck & rice with some sweet thick gravy (yesterday I had fried rice to replace the rice) :P After having our lunch, Nabihah decided to got back home while Nell, Aina,  Tin2 & I continued strolling around. They brought themselves a few clothes while I just walked around enjoying the temporary freedom. Hee. Here are a couple of photos taken in Banna Thai while waiting for our orders to be served. I didn't really want to take pictures cause I looked horrible. I didn't sleep the night before and my face was dry and dull. :/

Nabihah & Aina :)

Nell & Tin :)

Along the streets of Cork :)

Nell's shoe has a big hole! Haha!

Aina trying to show her spiraled legs! :P


Now here comes the best part! Later that afternoon, we visited the new apartment that Nell & I just rented. It's a 10 to 15-minute walk away from UCC's main campus. Very convenient! This particular visit was the second one for Nell & I, while it was the first one for Aina & Tin. I actually took a video of our impromptu reaction towards the house, but it was just 2 minutes long and it wasn't of good quality. You'd get dizzy if you watch it!  :P

Here's the ad for the apartment. Look, let agreed! I can't believe we got the apartment :') Alhamdulillah :)

 The front door of our apartment. It leads upstairs! :)

The area outside our apartment :)

Now were in! Here's the "fireplace". It's electrical. No charcoals needed ;)

Nell & I thought of placing our printers there, and maybe some books.

Individual sofas! The one far off to the right in the picture would probably be mine. Haha.

This is the bigger one. Perfect for hanging out or napping :)

The microwave oven.

The real oven. Haha. There's a washing machine + dryer next to it. Awesome!

This is our dining area. I really2 love this spot. It's just so cute!

Now that's my room. It's really tiny, but I love it cause it is! :')

I swear, the bed's really comfy!

I'm thinking of changing the curtains and all. Wee!

That's a super huge closet. Haha.

This is Nell's room. It's much2 bigger than mine :)

Our bathroom. And we really have a bathtub! :)

The fact that they look white and clean makes me so happy :')

Our short little hallway.

A photo of our apartment from Nell's angle.

This was from mine :) We're gonna turn the space into a mini surau, study corner & gym too lol :)

Back outside :)

If we were to go to that corner, we'd see more houses and a school too, I think :)

Flowers are blooming! :)

I just love the colours of nature.

Anddddd, that's it! Phew :)

We'll be moving into the house by the end of May after our exams insyaAllah. We'll get full freedom on the 21st of May! Wee! That's all for now & thanks for reading!

P/s: I have a little message for one special girl :) She's currently deactivating her Facebook account due to her upcoming exams. Upon reading my latest post, she texted me telling me about what she thought of it. She wished me Happy Birthday in advance too. But the sad thing is I have no credit to reply, but I really want to! I might not have any credit in my phone till Idk when. So I hope you're reading this dear. I pray that you'll ace all of your exams and may Allah make your dreams of pursuing your studies overseas come true :')