Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Think Good of Allah :)


How are you guys doing? Well as for me, I feel like I'm in such a tough transition. Haha. I'll only be turning 20 years old this May and gosh, I feel like there are heaps of things that I have to manage right now. Facing big scary exams is one major thing already. Others include paying debts, allocating money for food, finding a new house & paying for the new house. Yes, you can probably see the pattern now, they all gotta do with money! *I never would have thought that I would actually talk about money in a very serious manner :P*

Well, despite how difficult things are, I believe that they're all still manageable. Allah will not burden us with something that we cannot afford to handle, right? We shouldn't be asking questions like "Why me? Why not him, why not her?". Why? Cause Allah definitely knows what's best for us :)

There are many times when I hit rock bottom in my life, and I swear, the best remedy is talking to Allah about it. He listens to us every single second and we don't need any money for topup to "call" Him. Some people feel that they don't deserve to talk to Allah at times of desperation cause they feel like all this while, they haven't been a good servant to Allah. Seriously, we shouldn't let ourselves think like that. It doesn't matter how much we have sinned, Allah is always there to forgive us if we really want His forgiveness and if He wills it. So no matter how tough things get, we must trust and put our hopes in Allah :)

By the way, I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who has been following my updates on this blog. I was lucky to get a snapshot of my follower gadget when the counter reached 500. I know the number is not big to many, but it is to me! I never expected that it would even reach this number. Haha. To new members, I wish you a very warm welcome!

P/s: My Facebook "Like" button went haywire the other day. I wasn't able to find the real cause to it. So I changed it to a new one which seems to work. This time it looks teeny weeny and it won't show your name when you click on it. Funny, but at least it's still a Like button :P