Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Paris (Part 4)


Alhamdulillah, I'm feeling so so so much better than yesterday & the days before. Syukur sangat2! Now I can walk around in my house without feeling faint or nauseated.

Also, you guys are so kind for liking & commenting my posts! Terharu sangat! You made me sooooo happy! May Allah bless you!

Okay, so this is the last part of my Paris Trip. To get some feel while reading, open up this link & enjoy the music!

That morning, we only planned to go and visit the Eiffel tower, so we weren't in such a hurry. Our flight was at 4.30 pm, so we had plenty of time.

Before leaving our hotel room. The hotel was really2 nice you know :P

I didn't take a picture of the room before I jumped on the bed, but this picture below shows almost exactly how our room looked like. Neat right? *Photo from Google*

And this was how the lobby looked like. Not bad kan. Hehe *Photo from Google*

Done with breakfast! I had 3 croissants, some cheese & a glass of orang juice & plain water.

Once again, off we went to Eiffel Tower!

The toilet was so canggih. The toilet cleans itself right after every person uses it!

See :P

Yeay! The Eiffel Tower again!

Now I'm Cleopatra!

Apa punya facial expression la derr -.-"

Leaning on the Eiffel Tower.

Behind the scenes. Lenguh tangan nak posing tu!

Ketiak gelebeh. Hahahahahaha.

One of the toughest jobs. Haha.

"Yup, atas lagi, eh, tepi lagi, haaa okay tu! Jap2, atas sikit, pusing tangan ke dalam sikit, bla bla bla"

Syiok gila baring atas rumput :')

I look like my dad :P

That's not Nabihah's leg lol.

Other people were enjoying the sunlight too :D

Okay :)

Me & Nelly belly ♥

Me with Tin2 & Nabihah :)

My hotel roommate & picture-taking partner :')

All for of us. Someday we'll have Naz in the picture too!

On our way back. Sobs! :(

Looking at our flight.

Bye2 Paris :(

Sempat lagi. Haha.

Percaya pada diri dengan harapan dannnn keyakinaaaaaan huuuu~

Malaisie = Malaysia! We are famous, Malaysia! We are famous! Haha!

Another ad promoting Malaysia at the airport! Sumpah bangga kembang hidung tau dak :P

Saya bangga menjadi warganegara Malaysia. Tapi pakai baju I ♥ Paris. Hahahaha.

Boarding time :O


Hahahaha stupid face. Separuh jalan tengah garu mata pun ada orang nak amik gambar :P

That's all from our Paris trip this time! Despite all the fun, we also encountered numerous difficulties. We're all very2 thankful that we managed to cope with them fairly well. Thank you Allah for giving us the strength and courage, & also for protecting us every single second. Think of Allah & He'll always be there with you :)