Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Paris (Part 3)


Before I begin, I did mention in my previous post that I was feverish. Bad news is, I still am :/ I have tried to get a good rest, drink water and take my medication, but I'm still not feeling any better. Please pray for my health. I need to get studying really soon.

Okay now, let's put that aside. Time to story-mory :) Before that, I would like to tag in this song cause we went to Notre Dame :) :

As usual, we started our day by having our breakfast at our hotel. Straight away after we were done, we went out in search of the nearest Metro station around. We had difficulty searching for it, but we were lucky cause there was this Muslim woman (who Tin2 claimed to look like my mum) who brought us halfway to the Metro station. She couldn't speak English, but she was really determined to help us. May Allah bless her :')

Soon after, we did find a Metro station, but unfortunately, there weren't any trains at that station that would bring us to were we planned to go. We had to change our plan. We thought of taking a cab, but there were no cabs to be found around that area. Our last resort was taking a bus, so we waited at the bus stop. As we were still unsure about what bus we should be taking, we also made the effort of asking the people around. Nell & I went into a salon & asked the workers there. Tin & Nabihah made their effort too. Anyway, the workers weren't able to speak in English so we had to really try to understand what they were trying to tell us. One of the workers wrote down Bus 132 on a piece of paper; and to our surprise, Bus 132 just passed by outside! Nell and I thanked the workers & sprinted out of the salon to find Tin & Nabihah. We called them & pointed to the bus. Nabihah, being her athletic self ran as fast as she could to stop the bus. Luckily, a pedestrian who saw us running helped us stop the bus. And yes, we managed to get on! :D

Relieved faces. Hurray!


A few minutes later, we arrived at our destination. This was a graffiti we saw on our way to Notre Dame :)

Notre Dame from afar :)

Really nice :)

If you happened to watch Hunchback of Notre Dame, you'd notice the statues on the building.

One of the stained glasses in Notre Dame.

I wonder what the carvings at the back mean.

It's been 850 years!

I think this is a chandelier :)

The middle of the cathedral.

I bought a Notre Dame token/coin for 2 €

Nabihah & her cheesy crepe! :)

Just a gargoyle relaxing :P


Tin has a fear of heights, but we're so proud of her cause she made it to the top! :')

One of the bells in Notre Dame.


Feeling so mak datin :3

Going down the stairs. 
I, on the other hand, have this fear of going up and down this sort of spiral flight of steps :/ 

Tickets to see the upper part of Notre Dame.

I took this picture cause I remember that once ago in Disney channel, they had us search for hidden mickey! 
And sadly, this wasn't considered a hidden mickey ya know :P

One last photo before we left :)

Had a kebab for lunch. It was so nice to see halal restaurants around :D

One of the pictures which Nabihah interframed :P Lol!

I really love the sight of the flowers :3

Disney! I bought my lil sister Amanda a Tinkerbell top. Hehe

Laduree in Paris!! The home of real macarons!

Look at how cute they are :')

I got a small box of macarons!

This costed 15 €! Thank goodness Tin chipped in some of her money.

Bliss :)

Arc de Triomphe. If you happen to watch the cartoon series Madeline when you were small,
you would notice that Madeline did pass through Arc de Triomphe somewhere in one of the episodes :P

Champs-Elysees! One of the most famous avenues in the world :)

Later on, we searched for a place where we can take our ablution (wudhu) before going into the Louvre. 
We finally found a seriously fancy toilet near the Louvre. 
Look at the colourful toilet paper! >.<

Darling toothpaste with Mona Lisa's face on it! Haha!

Inside the Louvre.


This is what they call two-faced :P Haha.

One of the paintings on the ceilings.

We're getting nearer to the Mona Lisa!

Finally! Mona Lisa!

The description next to it.

See the crowd around the painting.

I got a picture (almost) next to Mona Lisa :')

One of the super big paintings in the Louvre.

Arabs! Haha.

Took this photo on our way out. This poster is many many times bigger than the actual Mona Lisa -.-"

Me in front of the famous Venus de Milo!

Tin said the this statue looks like Scha Alyahya. I agree! Do you?

On our way out :)

Outside :D 

That night, we went on our Illumination tour & boat cruise under the Cityrama company :) And actually, there's a story behind what happened on our way to the Cityrama station. But I guess I'll just keep it a secret ;)

Eiffel tower at night again :) It was freezing cold outside!

On the boat.

That guy behind me wanted to interframe as well :P

I swore I wished we had a place inside.

We got inside halfway through the cruise. We managed to see the Eiffel Tower sparkling again! 

InsyaAllah I'll be writing about the 4th and last part of my tour to Paris soon!