Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Paris (Part 2)

Phew! Now here's Part 2 :D Hmm, btw, I'm feeling a little bit feverish right now but I still wanna continue! Haha. I just can't wait to put everything in here :3 Btw, here's a French song that I really really like. Do listen to it while reading this post:

So our day begin with us going on a train at the Metro station. Alhamdulillah, lucky enough for us, there was this Metro worker who knew how to speak English & he really helped us to buy our tickets and all. Merci beaucoup monsieur! :D

Looking fresh in the morning :D

Snapping lots and lots of pictures before going on the train :)


Photo from Nell's camera :) Somebody helped us take it :D

Arrived at Bir Hakiem where the Eiffel Tower was nearby! :D

We were so eager going down the steps :D

A signboard :)

Just look at how excited they were!

What happened here was really funny. 
Nabihah said, "Hey guys, look, it's the Eiffel Tower!". 
And we were like, "Where? I can't see it!". 
And she said, "Situ la!", while pointing towards the signboard.
We were all laughing our heads off cause we REALLY thought that she already saw the Eiffel Tower -.-"

Had our first meal at Bir Hakiem. 
I had a croissant & a croque monsieur (which literally means mister undertaker. Haha)
Nabihah & Tin2 had a crepe each & Nell had a waffle :D
Btw my croque monsiuer wasn't Halal. It had meat in it -.-"

Me with my croissant :D

Nabihah wanted me to take a picture of her with the Indian guy at the back. 
It was one of the hardest pictures to take cause the guy was as fast as lighting! Hahaha.
Somehow, that little place looked like a kedai Mamak. 
When he was making crepes, all we could think of was as though he was making roti canai :P

Nell and her waffle :D


A stall selling souvenirs.

Just a random photo along the way :)

It was sunny but still a bit chilly for me! :P

The Eiffel Tower *u*

Tin2 under the Eiffel Tower :D Can you see my shadow? :D

Just look at the queue of people who were waiting to go up the Eiffel Tower!

Finally we found the representative of our Bike Tour that day. 
Yes, we were about to ride bikes across Paris!

Look at the guys behind me. Haha

She's from Japan & I just can't recall her name. The cute thing was, she called us -chan after each of our names. 
I remember a few Japanese words such as arigatou gozaimasu, doitashimashite, oyasuminasai, kawaii.
I was really trying hard to remember more japanese words, but I can't. Haha.
I know, I am noob. I wished I knew more though!

Photo from Nell's camera :D

Concentrating on what the Bike Tour guy had to say.

Eiffel Tower :)

Nabihah & Josiah. Don't they look like brothers and sisters? :')

Taking off!


This was the name of my bike :D Cute right? :D

This was our first stop. I think we were in front of the Ecole Militaire (Military School). Napoleon Bonaparte was accepted into this school at the age of 9 and nobody thought that he was strong or good enough.
It seemed that he proved them wrong :)

The view opposite the Ecole Militaire.

Next stop, we visited Les Invalides where Napoleon's Tomb is in. 
And see that dome up there, it's not that high really.
If you were to go in and look at the ceiling, 
you would notice that the ceiling is nearer to you.
At least that's what the guy said :D

It was really warm but I didn't want to take off my coat cause 
I didn't wanna get into the fuss of holding it while I'm on the bike.

This is baby Anna, Josiah's sister :D She's so cute!

Yeah, I managed to take a picture of Anna sleeping :D

Okay, I don't remember what the statue at this bridge was called :(

Nabihah & Josiah :)

The glare :'( Haha

Our bikes :D 

Nabihah & another crepe! :P

Chair, y u there? -.-"


The garden was soooo beautiful! My camera wouldn't want to take the real shot!

So later on, we went pass the Eiffel tower again & went back to the Bike Tour office to return our bikes. The tour was really fun & challenging as well! Imagine riding all throughout the city for 3-4 hours with all the traffic & roundabouts. The adrenaline rush & the pumping of blood was unimaginable!

Look at how many bikes they have!

And look at how my boots turned as grey as my pants! Hahaha.

Back at the Metro Station :)

Later on we headed to the Metro station again to try to make it to our Illumination tour & boat cruise. However, we weren't able to make it so we made a change of plan & tried to change the tour date (we got to change it to the next day!) So yea, that night, we just went for dinner & Eiffel tower again instead :)

You can obviously see the vein running across my forehead :P

Pretty Nabihah :)

With Tin2 :D

Bry-sur-Marne. Among my favourite words lol.

Nell & Nabihah :)

Somebody must have made a joke. I just don't remember who & what. Haha

Yep, confirmed. Nabihah's laughing.

Map of Paris!

On a Volkswagen :)

The cab driver pumped up the volume & we were all acting crazy :P


Bata! :D

Ze cab :D

How beautiful! :D

Snap2 :D

I had penne pasta with salmon :D

The place that we were at was super near to the Louvre :)

Oh2, the Eiffel Tower again :)

So pretty :3


Trying to lean on the tower :)

Every hour at night, the Eiffel Tower would get all lighted up.
It was one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen in my whole entire life!
We were so lucky to be there when it happened!

Yay! :D

TIn2 :D

Photo from Nell's camera :)

That night before we went back to our hotel, Tin had a huge pink cotton Nabihah & Nell had an ice-cream each. We took a few more pictures using Nell's camera at the other end of the Eiffel Tower & then we went back home by train :)

Look at what happened to my boots :D The one on the left was cleaned using my facial wipe. So pampered.

Okay, next up will be part 3, the most jam-packed day of our trip! Stay tuned! *Macam tv pulak* :P