Monday, April 02, 2012

Paris (Part 1)

Assalamualaikum! :) 

Ahh, finally, I'm ready to update my blog. Just as I promised, I'll be sharing about my most recent trip. This time, I went to Paris, France! :) For this trip, I'll be dividing it into for parts for my blog to make it more digestible.

And for this Part, I would like to tag in this song, cause it's just so French that way :P : 

I went to Paris along with three of my bestfriends, Nell, Tin2 & Nabihah. We originally planned to go along with Naz who's studying in Galway, but she will be having her exams soon. I hope we can go there together again someday :(

We were scheduled to leave for Paris at 12.30 pm, so each of us woke up really early. Nell & I did our laundry that morning so we had to really rush. At around 10.45 am, we went on a cab to go to the airport. We withdrawed our money, had our brunch & checked in. During the check in, Nell's hairspray got confiscated. Pity her :( And I, on the other hand seriously wanted to go wee wee. Haha. 

Had some pure yogurt with fruits & granola chunks on the flight. 
Look at the spoon too. How cool is that? :P

We arrived at around 3 pm I think. The line on our phones were changed to Orange F, so we couldn't make phone calls as usual. We didn't want to buy a number cause we'll only be there for a short period of time. But luckily we set our phone on roaming, so we were able to text our loved ones to tell that we were already there. 

The wavy escalator in Charles de Gaulle (CDG) Airport.

So after arriving at the airport, we tried to find our way out & get on a cab to the place that we will be spending our night in. Look at the escalator. It was the longest wavy escalator I have ever seen & it was just so cool!

The counter where we bought our Metro tickets :)

After buying our tickets & all, we headed off to where we think we could find a cab. We were searching for our way to the cab stand when suddenly two big tall guys in suits with dark shades stopped us halfway. They tried to bring us somewhere. We were kinda freaking out cause those guy looked like FBI agents. Tin & I were thinking of the movie Taken. We were brought on an airport shuttle to a car lot where we waited for our transportation to come.

Look at the guy on the left, yea, that's the "FBI" guy. I bet you would be rather uneasy as well. Haha.

Nabihah striking a pose despite the worry :D

So a couple of minutes later, a van came. We initially thought that us four were the only ones who were gonna be on the van, but there was an Indian guy as well joining us. On the van, we started to feel even more suspicious cause we couldn't seem to get the driver to reply to what we were trying to clarify. Nabihah was seriously brave enough to talk to the driver sternly. She asked about where exactly we will be going, how long  it's going to take & how much the price would be. The driver obviously knew how to speak English, but when Nabihah tried to talk to him, he said that he couldn't speak in English. How ironic was that? Then Nabihah tried to get him to call his boss for her cause none of us were able to use our phones. He was reluctant to do so, but in the end, he did. Nabihah got to talk to his boss & tried her best to sort things out. After the call, it was agreed that the cab fine fixed by the driver's boss for us was 60 €. Still, the weird thing was, the Indian guy was charged 60 € as well although he was dropped off at his destination almost 20 minutes before us. Imagine if Nabihah didn't fight for it, we could've been charged 100 € or more :/

Nabihah spotted this sign board on our way. Haha.

Alhamdulillah, we arrived safely at our destination. We checked in and made our way into our little hotel, or room, or, umm, Idk what it was supposed to be called. We surveyed the hotel & found that there was only one proper queen-sized bed. Haha. The when we went into another room, we found a sofa that can be opened up into a bed. I guess that was quite okay :P 

Happy Nabihah :D

Me! I looked sorta tanned, don't I? :D

Photo from Nell's camera. Haha tak sempat tutup mulut :P

I seriously can't remember if we really got on a train at the Metro station, but this photo up here shows that we took a cab on our way somewhere. I think everything happened so fast. Haha. The cab's a Mercedes Benz. Haha. *drools*

Making an annoying funny face. I hope the driver didn't see it!

Epic duckface :P

We wished we had google translate. Haha

One of the beautiful buildings we saw :)

Later on, we finally found a place to eat. We went to dine at a Sushi restaurant & basically spend our first night in Paris there :)

Pretty girls..

.. hating on each other? Lol

Tin enjoying her food :D

Me, trying to make my most angelic face O:)

After our dinner, we went off to search for a cab. We found a taxi stand but unfortunately, not all the taxi drivers were willing to take us cause we forgot the exact address to our place & also, maybe, cause we didn't know how to speak French :/ We had to be really patient and wait for a taxi driver who would want to take us. Finally, a taxi driver on a Volkswagen stopped by. His name is Mostafa & he's obviously Muslim :D He was kind enough to let Nabihah check the address to our place using his phone. We had a good time in the cab cause he was really friendly. He showed us pictures of his children & told us about his life. We felt really welcomed. He even wrote us his phone number on a piece of paper & wrote some French words that might be useful for us during our trip. He's such a nice man :D

The road at night while we were waiting for the cab :)

A quick photo before we left on our cab. 
I wasn't really well at that time. I sneezed a lot. Haha.

I guess I'm finally done with part 1 of my travels. Do wait for the upcoming parts! :D