Friday, April 06, 2012

I Can Be a Hopeless Romantic too, but..

Assalamualaikum :)

I don't know why but I just feel so happy today. As I will need to put a lot of effort in my studies soon, I made sure I finished watching the latest episodes by two of my favourite drama series, The Vampire Diaries & Gossip Girl. I also finished up watching documentaries on Anastasia Romanov & The Zodiac Killer. I watched The Hunchback of Notre Dame too! This explains why I have been away from Twitter and the real world. Haha. What an excuse!

Btw, lately, I have been increasingly secretly adoring sweet couples. Haha! I know, I sound creepy. I think this has something to do with the last place I visited! It is known as the City of Love for a reason right?  Hahaha. I can be a hopeless romantic too you know! Although, some people might already know that I am quite garang to guys who try to approach me "relentlessly". I'm not being heartless, I'm just doing what I believe is right. I won't lie about the fact that at times, I do get upset being single, but I shall wait till the right moment & the right person comes :)

Right now, I'm not even as great as my mysterious dream man. I gotta work hard to be someone as good as I deserve to get. If we think we are not good enough, then one of the things we can do is work hard to improve on our flaws, correct? So yes, I realise that I am currently fat round blob of human being, who has lotsa other things to improve on & prioritize. But I can do things to make myself an even better person & increase my value! I am now rather keen of cooking & I hope I can be a good cook someday. I'm still trying out other things that can make me better in some way. I'm so so so grateful & happy that I have my family & friends around me, and most of all, Allah s.w.t. to guide me through!

Okay, this is what that has been lingering on my mind. I have been searching for the right moment to write about it. I feel very segan now, but I believe I said it using the best way that I can. I'm done with this "essay". Next I will need to concentrate on my 2500-word essay! Till then, bye!

A sweet little card that Tin2 made for Nell, Nabihah & I each. So cute right? 
There's customized text at the back. Me love you so much Tin2! May Allah bless our friendship :')

Wait2! These were a couple of roti canai I made myself. I don't know how to tebar a roti canai, so I just went
and penyek-penyekkan the roti canai. So excuse the quality! Hehe!