Monday, April 30, 2012

Love After Marriage

Assalamualaikum :)

I actually started off my post with two whole paragraphs in Bahasa Melayu baku. I had to stop cause the sentences looked really funny :P I have a few more Anatomy notes left to revise, but I feel strongly drawn towards writing about this topic first. 

Lately, I have been spending more time on Twitter as compared to Facebook & Blogger. I kinda feel as though Facebook isn't the best place for me to share my thoughts anymore. As for Blogger, I really don't have that much time to go from blog to blog & I do feel that I'm somehow losing my momentum. I hope that by writing this post, I could somehow replenish that :) 

In Twitter, I obviously get to read real time tweets & updates from so many different people, even from the ones I never knew about. Over there, things are less bound to your circle of friends, unlike in Facebook. Speaking of which, I silently sat in my kitchen scrolling down the Twitter timeline when a tweet captured my attention. It was a retweet of a tweet from a girl called Dena Bahrin. I heard that she got married & she's still young; I think she's probably my age or well, just around that. 

What do I feel about it? Obviously, I'm super happy for her :) Think about it. She's married and she's young. She officially escaped the sin of haram coupling. How blessed & wonderful can that be? It's a rare occasion to see people nowadays getting married at that stage of life. To many and even to my family, getting married during early years in University is not a real option although we all know how positive marriage is :)

Coupling & marriage are synonymous to almost everybody. I cannot deny that I have experienced being somebody's girlfriend before. I had the experience of loving a guy with all my heart. We made plans, we dreamt of our future, we cared for each other. The only thing missing was the "halal-ity" of our relationship. That was our ultimate barrier. It was awful to get reminded at the back of our minds that every single step of our relationship was a sin. It's as though you're eating something that tastes good but smells bad (Sorry for the sudden awkward food-related metaphor! :P) 

At some point during long chats with my mum, my mum would ask me whether I have a guy who I like right now & vice versa. The topic came up so often that it became a routine for me to chuckle a "no" as my reply :P I always tell her that I wish to wait till the time is suitable for me to get married. I know that I would not be able to get married before graduating like how Dena did & I also believe that I am not prepared yet too. I never said it was easy to wait that long, but I know it will be worth while.

Deep down in my heart, other than my family's hopes, there are some personal reasons to why I don't mind waiting till the right time comes. A big part of me wishes to not get heartbroken anymore. Not that marriage doesn't have divorce, but after all that I've been through, I truly feel that being together before marriage is too much of an uncertainty to me. Back in the old days, it used to drive my mind crazy thinking of whether I will be able to make it to marriage with the guy I deemed to love. In the end, in my case, all of that was just worthless. So much for all those endless thoughts.

In a few more weeks, I will officially be 20 years old. According to my estimation, (hopefully), I'd be able to tie the knot in more or less 5 years time. That's a pretty darn long way to go. Well, what can I say, I'm still in my first year of med school :P "It's okay", I always tell myself that. Alhamdulillah, so far, I could feel that Allah has been helping me so much in keeping me strong. I really hope that this would continue. May what marks the end of the journey of my romantic-feelings hiatus is an authentic & blissful falling in love feeling the moment I get married to my husband someday :)

P/s: Being the mood pooper that I am, please pray for my finals okay :) I'll be having 5 major exams this month. Do pray for me if you're reading this :P

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Think Good of Allah :)


How are you guys doing? Well as for me, I feel like I'm in such a tough transition. Haha. I'll only be turning 20 years old this May and gosh, I feel like there are heaps of things that I have to manage right now. Facing big scary exams is one major thing already. Others include paying debts, allocating money for food, finding a new house & paying for the new house. Yes, you can probably see the pattern now, they all gotta do with money! *I never would have thought that I would actually talk about money in a very serious manner :P*

Well, despite how difficult things are, I believe that they're all still manageable. Allah will not burden us with something that we cannot afford to handle, right? We shouldn't be asking questions like "Why me? Why not him, why not her?". Why? Cause Allah definitely knows what's best for us :)

There are many times when I hit rock bottom in my life, and I swear, the best remedy is talking to Allah about it. He listens to us every single second and we don't need any money for topup to "call" Him. Some people feel that they don't deserve to talk to Allah at times of desperation cause they feel like all this while, they haven't been a good servant to Allah. Seriously, we shouldn't let ourselves think like that. It doesn't matter how much we have sinned, Allah is always there to forgive us if we really want His forgiveness and if He wills it. So no matter how tough things get, we must trust and put our hopes in Allah :)

By the way, I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who has been following my updates on this blog. I was lucky to get a snapshot of my follower gadget when the counter reached 500. I know the number is not big to many, but it is to me! I never expected that it would even reach this number. Haha. To new members, I wish you a very warm welcome!

P/s: My Facebook "Like" button went haywire the other day. I wasn't able to find the real cause to it. So I changed it to a new one which seems to work. This time it looks teeny weeny and it won't show your name when you click on it. Funny, but at least it's still a Like button :P

Friday, April 06, 2012

I Can Be a Hopeless Romantic too, but..

Assalamualaikum :)

I don't know why but I just feel so happy today. As I will need to put a lot of effort in my studies soon, I made sure I finished watching the latest episodes by two of my favourite drama series, The Vampire Diaries & Gossip Girl. I also finished up watching documentaries on Anastasia Romanov & The Zodiac Killer. I watched The Hunchback of Notre Dame too! This explains why I have been away from Twitter and the real world. Haha. What an excuse!

Btw, lately, I have been increasingly secretly adoring sweet couples. Haha! I know, I sound creepy. I think this has something to do with the last place I visited! It is known as the City of Love for a reason right?  Hahaha. I can be a hopeless romantic too you know! Although, some people might already know that I am quite garang to guys who try to approach me "relentlessly". I'm not being heartless, I'm just doing what I believe is right. I won't lie about the fact that at times, I do get upset being single, but I shall wait till the right moment & the right person comes :)

Right now, I'm not even as great as my mysterious dream man. I gotta work hard to be someone as good as I deserve to get. If we think we are not good enough, then one of the things we can do is work hard to improve on our flaws, correct? So yes, I realise that I am currently fat round blob of human being, who has lotsa other things to improve on & prioritize. But I can do things to make myself an even better person & increase my value! I am now rather keen of cooking & I hope I can be a good cook someday. I'm still trying out other things that can make me better in some way. I'm so so so grateful & happy that I have my family & friends around me, and most of all, Allah s.w.t. to guide me through!

Okay, this is what that has been lingering on my mind. I have been searching for the right moment to write about it. I feel very segan now, but I believe I said it using the best way that I can. I'm done with this "essay". Next I will need to concentrate on my 2500-word essay! Till then, bye!

A sweet little card that Tin2 made for Nell, Nabihah & I each. So cute right? 
There's customized text at the back. Me love you so much Tin2! May Allah bless our friendship :')

Wait2! These were a couple of roti canai I made myself. I don't know how to tebar a roti canai, so I just went
and penyek-penyekkan the roti canai. So excuse the quality! Hehe!

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Paris (Part 4)


Alhamdulillah, I'm feeling so so so much better than yesterday & the days before. Syukur sangat2! Now I can walk around in my house without feeling faint or nauseated.

Also, you guys are so kind for liking & commenting my posts! Terharu sangat! You made me sooooo happy! May Allah bless you!

Okay, so this is the last part of my Paris Trip. To get some feel while reading, open up this link & enjoy the music!

That morning, we only planned to go and visit the Eiffel tower, so we weren't in such a hurry. Our flight was at 4.30 pm, so we had plenty of time.

Paris (Part 3)


Before I begin, I did mention in my previous post that I was feverish. Bad news is, I still am :/ I have tried to get a good rest, drink water and take my medication, but I'm still not feeling any better. Please pray for my health. I need to get studying really soon.

Okay now, let's put that aside. Time to story-mory :) Before that, I would like to tag in this song cause we went to Notre Dame :) :

As usual, we started our day by having our breakfast at our hotel. Straight away after we were done, we went out in search of the nearest Metro station around. We had difficulty searching for it, but we were lucky cause there was this Muslim woman (who Tin2 claimed to look like my mum) who brought us halfway to the Metro station. She couldn't speak English, but she was really determined to help us. May Allah bless her :')

Soon after, we did find a Metro station, but unfortunately, there weren't any trains at that station that would bring us to were we planned to go. We had to change our plan. We thought of taking a cab, but there were no cabs to be found around that area. Our last resort was taking a bus, so we waited at the bus stop. As we were still unsure about what bus we should be taking, we also made the effort of asking the people around. Nell & I went into a salon & asked the workers there. Tin & Nabihah made their effort too. Anyway, the workers weren't able to speak in English so we had to really try to understand what they were trying to tell us. One of the workers wrote down Bus 132 on a piece of paper; and to our surprise, Bus 132 just passed by outside! Nell and I thanked the workers & sprinted out of the salon to find Tin & Nabihah. We called them & pointed to the bus. Nabihah, being her athletic self ran as fast as she could to stop the bus. Luckily, a pedestrian who saw us running helped us stop the bus. And yes, we managed to get on! :D

Relieved faces. Hurray!

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Paris (Part 2)

Phew! Now here's Part 2 :D Hmm, btw, I'm feeling a little bit feverish right now but I still wanna continue! Haha. I just can't wait to put everything in here :3 Btw, here's a French song that I really really like. Do listen to it while reading this post:

So our day begin with us going on a train at the Metro station. Alhamdulillah, lucky enough for us, there was this Metro worker who knew how to speak English & he really helped us to buy our tickets and all. Merci beaucoup monsieur! :D

Looking fresh in the morning :D

Monday, April 02, 2012

Paris (Part 1)

Assalamualaikum! :) 

Ahh, finally, I'm ready to update my blog. Just as I promised, I'll be sharing about my most recent trip. This time, I went to Paris, France! :) For this trip, I'll be dividing it into for parts for my blog to make it more digestible.

And for this Part, I would like to tag in this song, cause it's just so French that way :P : 

I went to Paris along with three of my bestfriends, Nell, Tin2 & Nabihah. We originally planned to go along with Naz who's studying in Galway, but she will be having her exams soon. I hope we can go there together again someday :(

We were scheduled to leave for Paris at 12.30 pm, so each of us woke up really early. Nell & I did our laundry that morning so we had to really rush. At around 10.45 am, we went on a cab to go to the airport. We withdrawed our money, had our brunch & checked in. During the check in, Nell's hairspray got confiscated. Pity her :( And I, on the other hand seriously wanted to go wee wee. Haha. 

Had some pure yogurt with fruits & granola chunks on the flight. 
Look at the spoon too. How cool is that? :P