Thursday, February 02, 2012

Saiyi's Birthday & Post Exam Red Velvet Cupcakes!


Hee. Alhamdulillah, the FM1002 exam's over :) It has been two days since, but I still somehow feel like I don't have that much time on my hands. 

Anyway, it was Saiyi's birthday on the on the day of our FM1002 exam! Saiyi's my friend whom I met in AUCMS, and she's such a wonderful young woman. So for that, I would like to give a small token of tribute to her for her birthday & also for being a great friend :D

Especially for you Saiyi! Hope you love it! :)

Saiyi (in blue) & me (in pink) around a year ago in AUCMS :') 
May Allah bless our friendship! ♥

The day after Saiyi's birthday, Nell, Aina & I went over to Saiyi's house to learn how to make red velvet cupcakes. *This sounds so random right* :P I put up some photos of the process of making the cupcakes, but I don't really think I have the strength to elaborate them one by one. If you look at the outcome of our cupcakes, you can obviously see that they are not red. They're actually sort of pinkish. That's cause we didn't think that we needed a lot of red food colouring. Haha. Though the cupcakes might have not looked the way we wanted them to look like, at least they tasted great! :P

Special thanks to Saiyi for offering her time and strength helping us make the cupcakes. It wasn't an easy thing; the mixing was so tiring and everything had to be near to perfect! Told ya Saiyi's an angel :3

Later that night, I went to join Aina & Tin2 cooking tuna lasagna. As usual, when us three get together in Aina's kitchen, we'd be acting like crazy. Haha. I have always loved our Aina's-kitchen trio. Overall, it was such a tiring but satisfying day. I'm looking forward for more cooking lessons! :P

And as for these pictures down here, they are mostly taken by Nell :P Hee. Thank you dear! ♥

Stuff that we needed :)

Random row of eggs?

My hand became red and swollen after mixing the batter manually on turbo!

The batter after red colouring was added. Pretty right? >.<

It's a flour owl :P *It rhymes!*

Vanilla essence and red colouring. 
We should have gotten two bottles of red colouring to make around 60 cupcakes :)

The egss again! :P

Preparing for the batter :)

Nell, carefully trying to put sufficient amount of batter in.

Tada! Ready for oven ^_____^


Aina, whisking the topping, Yummy! :D

Saiyi, taking out the cupcakes.

Leaving the cupcakes too cool on the baking rack.

Aren't they precious little red heads? :3

Close up :)

Cupcakes with toppings :)

Packed and ready to be brought back home :3

Nell was under the covers! It was a tiring day I tell you :)

Biskut! Saiyi's dolly :) So cuteee! ♥

P/s: I am truly looking forward to visit peoples' blogs, but I haven't had the time to do so. InsyaAllah I'll do my best to visit soon :D