Friday, February 10, 2012

London [UK]

Assalamualaikum (once again for today :P) Hehe :D

This is my last batch of photos from my UK trip :) I was just done with a post about Birmingham (click to view the  post) and I decided to upload them today cause I would want to make way for posts regarding new events :)

Arrival in London :)

*That night, my friends and I went to Oxford Circus (& Oxford Street as well I think) to join the Boxing day, but I didn't bring my camera along cause I was too scared that somebody might snatch my camera away from me. I regret the fact that I didn't bring it along cause the night atmosphere was gorgeous! My friend Naz got some pictures though and glad she did! At least the memory-capturing-task didn't completely go to waste :)

Ouh yes! I have one more thing to tell. It might be old news by now, but that night, my friends and I saw a real crime scene! We clearly didn't have any idea on what actually happened, but as we got back home later that night, we were told by our seniors that a man was stabbed to death earlier that afternoon. The one that we saw was another crime scene, also involving a man stabbed, but survived. I didn't tell my mum about this when I was at London cause I was afraid she might get super worried T____T

Sooooo, enough with the long interruption, let's see happy photos now :D

Meet Harrod's teddy bear! :D So cute right!

Harrods from the outside. There were so many people cause it was still Boxing Day season :)

In front of Buckingham Palace. Feeling so royal :3

Even nearer. I wonder if the Queen's in there :P

One of the monuments opposite the Palace :)

More :)

The gate :D

This park is near the Palace :)

Seeing the winter branches from below :)

Hello folks! ;)

I'm a tree hugger, nature lover! :P Really? *eyebrows*

The red London double-decker bus :) I didn't take a picture at the phone booth! So rugi!

The escalator at the subway. It was freaking long and high and scary!! 
I almost thought I could fall forwards!

Waiting for the underground tube :)

Just a random corner. Ehhh!! Zoom2! You can see the telephone booths! 
I actually have a picture of the phone booths! Yay! Hahaha. 
I just realised this while typing this caption

Wondering why there is a Malaysian flag here?

We're at the Malaysia Hall! Yeay! And there I met a friend back in TGB, Ishak Hakim. Hallo!

Night settling in :)

So cute right? :DD

This is Big Ben! Ouh. Not the one in front, the one behind :D

The eye of London :)

I looooooooove the scenery :)

Another snapshot of Big Ben :)

With Mr Penguin.

I wanted to enter this so called Death Trap but I was afraid I might scream till I lose my voice!

Now this looks much friendlier :D


The London's I-city? :P Hehe.

The twinkly Eye of London :)

Bokeh bokeh bokeh!! :P Hahaha.

Artificial snowflakes?

Hmm, a random building I must say?

Mooooore :)

What was I doing? >__>

Eh! It' s day? Hehe. Yeah, It's the next day. I was on search of abayas so my seniors brought us to Whitechapel, where there is a road filled with stalls selling Islam stuff :)
And up there, yup, that's a mosque! :D

London Muslim Centre :)

Now posts for the whole trip's complete, Alhamdulillah :) Being almost half-a-month away from where I am right now was really challenging. I learnt the value of friendship, time, patience and just millions more I can never find a full stop in describing. However, I can't deny that there is a part of me which feels quite anxious when it comes to the thought of going for another trip cause travelling isn't something you can do with the snap of fingers. Despite that, I am thankful that I was given the chance to go on this travel and ironically I believe I am thrilled to go for more! :D