Tuesday, February 28, 2012

End of February Updates + March Pause :)

Assalamualaikum :)

February's nearing an end and it is by far one of the busiest months that I have ever had. I got engaged in quite a number of events and did a few stuff with and for my friends. I actually got kinda stressed out and I believe that Nell got really impacted. It's such a pity that she had to listen to me yapping. Hehe sorry Nell :P And to my other bestie Tin2, thank you so much for helping me out too :')

Okay now, enough with that. Haha. Let's move on :) Here I have compiled some pictures of some activities I joined in February :)

1) Nell's Birthday

The preparation for her birthday was quite fun and challenging. Tin and I went to the city and bought her gifts without her knowledge. The rest also kept quiet about her whole birthday surprise. When her birthday arrived, we all did things that made her think that we would not celebrate her birthday. I went to a programme called Tahajjud Cinta while the others did their own business. That was what we wanted her to think and we were glad she didn't suspect anything fishy going on. So that night on her birthday, our plan worked. We managed to sneak into her house and surprise her. We wished her happy birthday, gave her our cards and presents and took pictures and videos. Little did she know that we were up to another surprise for her :D

So on the next day, we did our best to set up a surprise birthday part for her. We bought balloons and banners and made a few dishes for the guests. I made a batik cake which also became her birthday cake. Tin2 worked on her spaghetti bolognese, while Aina made her apple crumble and bihun tom yam. Nabihah also joined in later that afternoon and made curry dip for chips (I loooooved it so much!). The surprise party began at 8.30 p.m. at Aina's house. To make Nell come over to Aina's, I texted my senior, Kak Yan and asked her to "inform" Nell that there would be a gathering. Obviously who would ever think that it was a trick right? Nell arrived as soon as I called her and the timing was all so perfect. Our surprise was a success! Everybody who came were so cooperative and made it such a wonderful night. I was really happy that we managed to throw Nell that party and make her day :)

*These pictures up here were taken by Tin2 :) Check out her blog at A Moment Abroad*

2) Islamic Awareness Week (IAW) Debate 

This event was organised by the Muslim Cultural Society of UCC in collaboration with the UCC Atheist Society & the UCC Philosophical Society. From what I could see, the debate mostly touched on the comparison between streams of religion and ideology. Out of all, secularism seemed to be a topic of interest among the members of the floor. It was so nerve-wrecking to see Muslims, Atheists & Secularists debating against one another. Nell and my other friend Syai was with me at that time and I could have sworn that all three of us wished we could stand up and speak our minds. Haha :D

3) International Cultural Festival (ICF)

This was a whole different event which aimed to expose cultures from all over the globe (almost) to people around. I initially thought that there would be more booths, but sadly there were just a few; namely from Malaysia (wheee), India & China. I was appointed to be in charge of the reception area but I don't think I did much work for that. Instead, I somehow got involved in the decoration of the booth (I drew the photobooth backdrop!) and the delicacy preparation (I got to help Saiyi "kelim" some currypuffs and mold some kuih cek mek moleks together with Aten, Mewn & Arishah) Hee. 

The event was held for two days. I was mainly at the booth during the first day till around 3 p.m. I got to promote Malaysia to some really enthusiastic visitors and also played congkak with a Pakistani! However, I didn't expect that the highlight of the event would be after 6 p.m., so yea, I missed the fun part :( My friends told me that many people came that evening and there was a really good Irish dance performance. Better luck next time! 

4) Meet the Owls!

As I mentioned, the ICF was held for two days. I did come for the second day of the event with Nabihah as she was in charge of the booth. After spending around an hour or so there, we headed back home. On our way back, Nabihah told me that there were owls at UCC! I guess that week was all about promoting clubs and societies, so the Environment Society (Envirosoc) did actually bring some owls to be displayed (is this the right term?). 

The best part was having a baby barn owl named Whisper perching on my hand! You can see Whisper right down here. Isn't it a cutie pie? :3

5) Blog Header for sis Farah Waheeda

Around a week ago, I got a request to make a blog header for a blogger who I may simply call Sis Farah. She was interested in the type of sketch that I made for Sis Shea's birthday, so she hoped I could help make one for her blog header. I thought that it wouldn't really hurt to make one, so I just gave it a go :P She wanted a muslimah sketch, so I searched for a random picture of a muslimah which I could make as my guide. I chose to colour the hijab of the muslimah in light pink to match her blog theme. I expected it would be easy, but it kinda took quite some time for me as my graphic tablet went a little bit cuckoo that day. So as you see, the first sketch below was the first one that I completed. I then went to Picnik to put the words that Sis Farah wanted to have on her header.

I also actually made an ECG line on the header (you can see it at her blog header now at: http://dirikudrcinta.blogspot.com/), but I didn't save the image and accidentally replaced the one with the ECG strip with a newer image. And the second one down there, is a sketch with a doctor's coat on. As Sis Farah's blog is called "Dr Cinta Punye Belog", I thought that it would be nice to change the chest piece into a heart-shaped one instead of the normal round type :)

I'm just curious, which one of the two do you like better? :3

Last but not least, I have to say that I will be taking a month away from Blogging and Formspringing. I have exams coming up and a whole bunch of work to do, so I believe that I need to focus on my own needs first. February 2012 was amazing and challenging and I'm glad that I have  snippets of the memories here in this post. I hope that I'll come up with more updates that I can share in this blog soon. 

Till then, Assalamualaikum (once again). Teehee! :)