Monday, January 23, 2012

Surviving the "No-Internet" Days

Just a couple of days without the Internet really forced me into doing things I would rarely even intend to do :P I decided to put myself on a challenge, in which I need to eat, breathe, sleep without Internet access for two days straight. Doesn't seem much of a challenge huh? Well, it is for an internet addict like me! :P

I gave up my laptop to my friend, and I told her not to give it to me till 10 p.m on Sunday. The moment when I handed over my laptop felt as if I was handing over a previous fragile baby. I myself couldn't believe my feelings were up till that extent. My my, how severe can my Internet addiction be?

The first day of the challenge seemed to pass by like a breeze. I was quite okay, maybe cause I was so into my studies. But the second day started to turn boring. I have this problem when it comes to focusing on reading & understanding factual materials for a long time. I would get bored really quickly and that's when the Internet becomes my time filler. However, I had no Internet access, so it felt as though I have nothing else to do :/

Then I remembered having a couple of books that I bought in Birmingham the other day. One is entitled Islamic Guideline on Medicine & the other is The Muslim 100. I barely touched these books, so I thought, why not read them up? So I did, during my meals, during my breaks in between my revision; simply, just any time when I could have been surfing the Internet. Guess what, it felt so wonderful. I loved how I could actually entertain myself with books and gain knowledge at the same time. It felt better than watching Youtube :P

Later that Sunday afternoon, I really, truly couldn't cram any more Biochemistry or Physiology in my head. I had to loosen up a little. If there was Internet around, I would have been watching a movie or something. Since that couldn't be my option, I just cranked up the music on my phone and did different types of indoor exercise I could think of. To tell you the truth, I hadn't been exercising for quite some time now (I don't consider walking to class as a form of exercise cause class is just 5 minutes away :P), so what I did right there was really something ya know :D

Two days without the Internet actually made me realise that there are always good things that we can do indoors. We can finish up a book, cook, draw & even take long naps (hehehe). This "No-Internet" challenge is personally beneficial for me, but I don't know if I will have the courage to undergo a second round of it. Well, I'll just wait and see :P

My Billy-Ri gone nerdy! Yikes!