Thursday, January 05, 2012

Rant on Nur Amalina? Please Stop It.


Lately, we've been hearing a lot about her and personally, I'm deeply upset about it.


Firstly, the stereotypical thinking people have towards the idea of studying overseas. Studying overseas does not turn you into an overly-socialized person. However, not knowing exactly how to manage yourself (no matter where you are) is the reason to it. How I wish everyone would realise this. I don't know why exactly I'm beginning to rant, but I've had this in my mind for quite some time now.

Based on my experience being here, I have never seen anyone who has turned wilder than before. I don't know if there are, but I know what I'm seeing. My seniors here are super good; most of them have long hijabs, covered clothings, and speak nice words practically all the time. None of them are like what people think of. Just because of a few people, everybody seems to think that studying overseas is a ticket to self-destruction. To me, it will be if we don't take care of ourselves, but it can turn the whole way round if we make good use of the chance (I'm somehow repeating the same point, but nevermind).

Secondly, I don't like seeing people trashing her like crazy; as if she's 100% worthless. Yes, she slipped somehow, but what are we doing about it? Why are we shoving everything in her face? Why are we slamming rude public remarks towards her? Enough with talking behind backs, but public humiliating? That's gone way too far. Just remember that nobody's perfect. Unless we know how to advise people nicely, we might as well just try to stop talking bad and try refraining ourselves from adding to the "heat". We just don't know what that person's status in the eyes of Allah would be in the hereafter someday. Let's just pray and hope that everything will get better for everybody undergoing the same situation (we might be included?).

I hope I don't regret reading back what I just wrote. I'm rather half-asleep now. Till then, goodnight.