Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"Nooboredom" Snapshots :D

I just love looking at pretty photos on They're all tumblr material photos, and you know how beautiful tumblr photos are :) I got a little bit bored last night & I was suddenly all enthusiastic about knowing how the DSLR works. I have always been a big fan of slow shutter speed & bokeh photos, so I wanted to know more on how to take photos with these amazing effects. And well of course, generally, only DSLRs can do these types of effects. I only have a compact camera with me, but I still thought of giving it a go. Lol :P

I set up my camera on manual mode and tried to adjust the settings, but the only thing I was able to change was the ISO. From what I read, the lower value of the ISO, the lower the sensitivity of the camera to light. This in turn gives a slower shutter speed, which enables us to capture the "drags" of motion. Well, that's what I understand :P There's also this thing called ''aperture'' which I heard in one video on slow shutter speed but I didn't bother much about it.

Anyways, here are among the random pictures I took. They are really-really nothing much but I enjoyed the process of taking them :P I was sort of like a child trying to imitate real photographers. Nevermind, someday, I'll try to get my hands on a DSLR, insyaAllah :D

These are two of the purely unfiltered "slow shutter speed" photos taken using my compact camera.
I wasn't able to make lots of different patterns though I tried my best cause the shutter's not slow enough :/
Ouh yes, I made the preview smaller cause I don't want to glare anybody's eyes >.<

The shadow of the mysterious bunny lamp which made it all happen :P Hehe. 

P/s: You can also actually make a "bokeh" effect using your compact camera :D Check out this link here [Pocket Camera Bokeh Tutorial], and it'll guide you how :D