Saturday, January 07, 2012


Tengah-tengah malam ni, my mind pun dah kurang betul. Tipu tipu. Betul lagi. Cumanya.. I feel that it's been a while since I've been all so serious with what I write. Penat :( Lately, all I wanted was to make sure I could keep a good record of my travels, but it seems more like a routine pulak after several (almost) consecutive posts. Dah macam tulis laporan masa sekolah menengah. Slack takde "dilaporkan oleh" je kat bawah tu.

Anyway, I was going about some blogs after doing some revision just now, when I saw the glorious "kentut" word. *geli hati sekejap* Mat salleh takde yang baca my blog, so I don't think I need to translate it :P

So yea, speaking about my title for today, I actually once manipulated a story about my kentut (Malu mummy baca ni kot). 

I think I was in form 1 or form 2 at that time. I remember sitting at the front most row of the class during prep time together with a few of my friends. (Ainaa, rasanya awak duduk sebelah kita kot time tu :P). It was really in the middle of prep time when I knew that my bowel had to release some air. I thought I should make a sweet escape, but I just couldn't make it. With tender loving care, I released the gas, trying hard to not emit any noise. I succeeded in making a silent kentut. 

However, luck wasn't entirely on my side. The smell, fuhhh! Sebatu boleh bau. Usop Wilcha pun boleh lari. I knew at that very moment, I had to cover it up.

So I turned to the person next to me, and asked her, "Eh, awak bau tak bau busuk tu?" She answered, "Haah! Bau lah. Busuknya!" Then I replied, "Kan? :( Kita rasa tu bau longkang lah kat bawah tu. Busuk gila!" (We actually had a longkang out the window, but it never smelt bad pun). 

Guess what, she believed me. The whole row (who also kinda smelt the fart) agreed as well, with serious faces. Haha. Kesian betul :P

How I miss those times when we were still kids. So naive, so innocent and somehow cheeky as well. Now dah nak turn 20 dah this May. How fast time flies :')

So that's all I got. Memang a little bit pointless pun this post. Saje reminiscing good times :) It would be embarassing if people actually knew I farted instead of thinking it was the longkang at that time, but it's something that makes me smile in times of stress and loneliness :P Tapi kan, sebenarnya, buat apa nak malu pun kalau terkentut depan orang. It shows that your body is doing a good job in excreting unwanted gas AND it's a normal process of life. Baguslah tu kan :P

That's all for now :) I got lots of studying to do tomorrow and the day after tomorrow and the day after blablabla, so I might as well get some quality sleep now. Till then, goodnight :)