Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Glory Glory Man Utd? [Manchester, UK]

Assalamualaikum :D

Haha, I don't know anything much about MU, but I did go to the place where it all started (I think) :P As Manchester was the first place we went to for our Jaulah (jalan-jalan), I'll be uploading some pictures I have when we first touched down at Manchester Airport as well :)

Btw, we didn't get to enter the stadium due to lack of time. To enter the stadium, we had to follow a tour guide, so it clashed with our schedule. We only managed to take photos outside though :)

Our names in the Jaulah Kita booklet :')

Us :)

Tin, me & Nell :)

Striking my best pose :P

Another side of Manchester Airport.

Yana & Isha :)

Me with the freaky things :O



Just see how many bags we got there. 
And just imagine us carrying those bags no matter where we went :P

I love this one :') 

There's also a Piccadilly in London.

I want to be in the picture too :D

Te'en video-camming us :D

I couldn't stop looking at the woman next to the window. 
She had her make up done nicely in the tram :P
Ouh yes, this is not a train, nor an lrt, it's called a tram :D
It's cool cause it has its railways on common roads!

Pretending to sleep :P

I can't remember the name of this place :(((

So nice :)

Mummy! See! It's written Kyoto right there ;D

A bridge we encountered on our way to Old Trafford. Jeng3 :P

And we found this too. What's its significance? :O

Finally! We're there! :D


Bhahaha. I look like a chubby lamp post XD

Who's that guy behind me? Football fans, let me know! :P

Almost the same huh? *eyebrows*

Sir Alex Ferguson's banner.

They were super excited taking pictures :)

Hey! Why you scold scold me wannn :(

Manchester United :)

Where can find a galore of MU merchandises :)

Who is this man, may I ask?

Taking a sneaky photo of the jerseys. Heaven for MU fans? :P

Just got myself a few souvenirs.

A key chain.

I don't remember what this thing is called again :/

For Amanda :)

Being artistic :P

Pak :D

Tin with our bags :P

Same bags! :O

Now the faces are revealed :P

There are hundreds of names engraved on the bricks. Cool!
I was calling my mummy when I noticed this :P

Daughtry? Seriously? :O

Waiting for another tram.

Picture time!

And again, the artistic wave comes :P The plum was so delicious *drools*

Sitting for a while in Manchester Arndale Centre, gaining energy to order food :P

Everybody's happy :D 
Nell and I got a bucket of KFC each (the KFC's halal) cause that seemed like the best buy at that time.
Tin got herself some barbecued chicken wings which tasted awesome :D

I got a bruise on my palms, but you can't see it :(

Manchester Arndale Centre. 
The weird thing about it was the route for us to go in was totally far away from the route for us to go out 

That night, we slept at a mosque called Madina Mosque and it was my first time sleeping in a one! What an experience. 

On that very day, I learnt quite a lot. As we travelled in a group of roughly 20 people, things got quite difficult at times. We had to always check if everyone's okay, make headcounts as often as possible and wait for the others. I have never been on a journey like this one, so I actually learnt a lot, even from just that day. 

Our next stop after Manchester was Lancaster, which was where our Perhimpunan Musim Sejuk programme was held. InsyaAllah, I'll be updating on that soon :)