Monday, January 02, 2012

Feeling the Fresh Breeze [Galway]

Assalamualaikum :)

As I promised earlier, I'll be sharing about my trip to Galway. It's a trip I had with my friends just before I flew off for my holidays in UK. Our primary reason of going there was to meet our friend Naz, who's a member of our little group since college :D

We only arrived in Galway later that afternoon. I personally didn't expect it would take more than 4 hours to get to Galway. I wonder how some of my friends visit their friends so frequently :/ Anyway, our dear Naz made us some food to eat as soon as we arrived (thank you baby!), but we kinda craved for Taco Chips. To get the Taco Chips, going to the city was the best choice to take at that time. It was getting dark, so we had a few of our guys friends tagging along. After getting what we wanted, we headed back home. I don't remember talking much after we got back, I remember sleeping rather early, but the girls were up watching a Tamil movie :)

The next day, Naz brought us to a rocky beach called Salthill. I rarely go to beaches, even when I was in Malaysia. I couldn't really imagine how a beach would look like at cold-aired place. We made our way there by walking, just like how we made our way to the city.

So I'd just cut it short here. Here are some pictures that we took on the way to and at Salthill, Galway :)

How can you not love the housing area? :')

Naz is so pretty :')

I love how Tin styles her tudung :D We kept calling her Yuna :P

My lovelies :'D

Hmm, quite motiveless to be exact :P

I have this thing when it comes to Macro shots :P

Jogging? :)

Should have had a tripod or a cameraman! 

In Coco Cafe. The sun was practically blazing :O

Nabihah should be in the picture too :(

Happy faces :)

"I don't care, I want a picture too :("

Coco Cafe' from the outside. 
I had one toasted bagel with cream cheese, together with a croissant :D

I'm imagining the rocks as hibernating dinosaurs.

What's that pokemon? :O

Rocks near the pavement :)

I now feel embarrassed whenever I see a picture of myself. 


Another :')

Our cameras are the same XD

Big rocks, small rocks, pebbles, poop?

I have put captions on every photo, and I swear I don't have a good caption for this one.

A photo from above, taken by Nabihah :)

It's sorta like a runway, don't you think? :P

Nabihah the Mustard Dragon!

It's around sunset :')

Pretty girl :)

Our very own Yuna :)

Me :)

Cool jump :D Haha

My favourite scenery photo :DDD

I was trying to become Goku? :D

She's a dragon too? :O

Now put a quote on this picture :D

Nabihah's being a chromosome. That was supposed to be a joke. A nerdy joke.

Oooo :O

Streaks on the sky :)

I love rocks yes I do -____-"

The process of taking this photo was scary. The rocks were slippery and all :O

Us five! :'D Finally! Haha

After spamming our cameras with photos, we headed back home. We got the chance to meet up with Sharif and also Nani :) And according to plan, we would be heading back to Cork that night. We called a cab, brought our luggages and went to the city. We aimed to get a 7 o'clock bus, but unfortunately, we missed it! Thank goodness the ticketing system is slightly different; you can still use the ticket you have for the next bus :( I actually teared up (or maybe cried a little) at that time. I was so tired :/

However, the girls were quite okay. There was a funfair in the middle of the city at that time, so we went to check it out. Nell decided to ride on a merry-go-round (carousel), and she dragged Nabihah along. It was so cute. I thought I have some pictures of them on the carousel, but I guess the photos were in Nell's camera.

Alhamdulillah, we got a bus back to Cork the next day. Our stay at Naz's was a wonderful one :'D I look forward to going there again soon :)

In the next post, I will be talking about my UK trip, and the first stop will be Manchester :)

Jerr, Naz's house cat :D