Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Dream; A Sign?

Assalamualaikum :)

InsyaAllah, I'll be sharing about a dream I had last night. I don't often remember my dreams, but I can clearly remember this one. I'm pretty sure I had it around Subuh. 

As far as I can understand, the dream I had was sort of like a ''metaphor" of how the hereafter (akhirat) would be like. I was with my friends and so many other people, gathered in one dark place. We were talking like nothing happened and it continued for quite some time. 

All of a sudden, I remember being in a queue. Right at the head of the queue, there were two people who seemed to be in charge of something. Well imagine going to the movies where you have one or two guys checking your movie ticket. It appeared to me like that, but I frankly didn't understand what was the real deal at that moment. The idea of what was happening only clicked in my head when I heard a guy I didn't recognize screaming with fear. He was told that he was drenched in too much sin back on Earth and he will receive his punishment. At that point, I could feel my heart racing; I was so scared! Could you imagine, that at that point, you will be determined whether you'll be entering Heaven or Hell?

My turn came up at last, and one of them looked at me. I made a face begging for mercy. To my greatest surprise, the guy asked me, "Kenapa tudung singkat? Labuhkan lagi. (Why is your hijab short? Make it longer.)". I nodded. *Now is that a SIGN?* Then I just couldn't believe my ears when the guys said I'm free to go to "the better side". From what I perceive, I was not straight away sent to Heaven yet. I had a few more steps to go through. I know that at this point, this dream might sound wrong compared to the real theory of the hereafter, but it was just a dream, and what I'm telling you is purely what I remember from it :)

After passing through that stage, I had to walk through a path which then lead me to an area where there was a projection of our past deeds and sins. There were so many people looking at the white screen in front of them, and I could barely give a good glance. I was abashed by the thought of me being the person those people were looking at on the screen. While writing this now, I can't stop thinking how it would be like if it was actually true! I could feel the regret, the humiliation; everything. I just wished I could turn back time.

The dream stopped abruptly after a scene where I the gathered with some people who I can't even recognize at a table near the projection area. In the dream, these people were thought as  "my friends". I actually knew what to talk to them and all. 

So this is the story of what I dreamt of last night. I am not an expert on the sequence of what will happen during the hereafter. I don't even know if situations similar to what I dreamt will really exist. Wallahualam. 


After getting the dream, I thought of searching for the story of the 7 Angels and the 7 stages that our deeds have to pass through before our deeds can be approved. I suggest you to read the story in this website here:

The first thing that will get in the way of our deeds being counted is talking behind people's backs (in which if they come to know about it, they would get angry or upset). Simply put, it's called bad mouthing/ mengumpat. Upon knowing this, I realise the abundant waste of deeds we make almost everyday. If you happen to already read or know this story that I just mentioned, I would just like to recall the things that will ruin the good deeds that we make in a day, according to the stages. I'll just write them in Malay. Hehe.

The 7 sins:
  1. Ghibah (mengumpat, bergosip)
  2. Ingin kemanfaatan duniawi (megah)
  3. Takbur (bercakap besar)
  4. 'Ujub (takjub dengan diri sendiri)
  5. Hasad dengki 
  6. Tidak ada perasaan belas kasihan 
  7. Ingin disanjungi orang

From how I look at it, the further down we go down the list, the problems are somehow more related to what only we can personally see in ourselves. So simply put, everything matters, not just what we can let ourselves show on the outside. 

I dare not talk a lot more now cause my sleepiness is overriding the stability of my mind to think. This brain needs some rest. InsyaAllah, may we gain something good from every little thing that we encounter and may be try to make our upcoming days better than today. And do correct me if I'm wrong ya :) Goodnight :)

P/s: Jazakillah khairan kathira kakak :)