Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Malaysia vs Ireland: Your One Stop Guide :D

Assalamualaikum! :)

Sounds like a bola sepak match kan, but it's not :P I'm actually going to share a few things regarding Ireland as compared to Malaysia. I have been getting a number of questions in Formspring about how it's like in Ireland and I'm glad to share more about it here in this post. These are a few snapshots of some real questions from real people that I got that has got to do with Ireland. Saya tala buat ini soalan sendili aaa ^__^

Okay, mari saya ceritakan :D


I'm sure that the first thought people would often have of a European country is the cold weather. Jeng3! Memang betul! Lawak bila fikir balik kitorang pakai baju tebal gila ghupe orang Eskimo. Ngehehe :D The people in Ireland memang rather surprised to know that we find the weather cold cause it was actually still Summer, the end of Summer lah. We really didn't expect Summer to even be that cold :P The temperature at that time was between the range of 15-20 degrees Celsius, more or less macam dalam bilik ber-air-cond. Currently, it's reaching the end of Fall, so the temperature is roughly between 0-10 degrees Celsius. Time ni, sumpah sejuk! Boleh menggigil. Rasa cam jadi ayam dalam freezer :( Haaa. This is the time when you can start wearing your cute bubble jackets ^____^. And about the sun here, you can barely feel the heat from it, unlike in Malaysia. You can obviously see the sun, but it doesn't get any warmer :P


People here are rather friendly. Betul! Of course not all, but quite a number of them, especially the elderly :P You can walk past them and expect them to smile back at you. Whenever I spot an old lady, I'd always try to give a cheerful smile cause they'd often do the same :) Comel kan? :D Some taxi drivers here are really friendly too, and I feel that it's just the same in Malaysia :) One thing that I gotta highlight here is some Irish people have this habit of randomly greeting you. They can walk next to you and say "How are ya?". In the beginning, I often got surprised. Tersentak you. It had never occurred to me back in Malaysia. Now I'm getting the hang of it and I'd often reply by saying, "I'm fine thank you. And how are you?". That's the easiest reply I can think of :P

Ireland and pub, sangatlah synonymous. It's in their culture to enjoy drinking, just like how we girls love shopping (kita suka shopping kan3?) :) There are nights when they would go out and have some ''crack" (which means fun). As non-drinkers and non-partiers, our seniors advise us not to go out on Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday nights. Macam semua malam je tak boleh. Hihi :D There was this just one time when I hung out with my friends at night and we forgot it was Halloween. I guess you can expect how gelabah we were T____T All and all, they're actually nice people, not any much different from the Malaysians, only white :P


*My tummy is growling* :( I must sincerely say, Malaysia is the heaven of food. You won't be able to gain access to a great variety of food here that easily. Setakat ni murtabak, roti jata, pengat pisang gua belum jumpa lagi :( There are of course a few restaurants which serve International cuisines, but not as many as in Malaysia. However, we're lucky enough to have a Malaysian chef here catering Malaysian food :D Sadly for me, on lazy days, all I can afford to eat is pizza or some bread with peanut butter. Very very unhealthy :(

Halal food is also available here. There are a few sundry stores in Cork supplying halal food. In case you're wondering, you can get Maggi, Chilli Sauce and Milo here, but sadly the price ain't that cheap. For chicken suplly, we have our one of our batchmates dealing with that, so there's no hassle needed to go to the City and buy chicken. Haha :P *I'm a regular customer tau ^___^


You won't be finding shopping complexes like KLCC or Mid Valley here (I'm not sure of Dublin though, I'll be taking a sneak peak soon). However, you can still find designer outlets like Topshop and Brown Thomas here. Saya masuk, lima minit kemudian keluar balik. Tak mampu. Haha! Among other clothes-shopping outlets that are available are New Look, TK Maxx and H&M. You can also go to charity stores for a super-saver buy :D If we have Jaya Jusco back in Malaysia, we have stores called Penneys & also Dunnes over here, where you can shop for clothes or housewares at a reasonable price.

As for grocery shopping, there are a few places you can go to. There is a huge Tesco store here that supplies you with most of what you possibly need. Bak kata sape ntah, macam-macam ada :D However, as Muslims, you might have to bear in mind that you can't buy the nuggets or pepperoni pizzas from Tesco. You can find them in the sundry stores I have mentioned or maybe just make them yourself :P After years of living here, you might be able to join Masterchef Malaysia XD

I guess that is basically it. Do let me know if there's anything more you'd like to know about. I might forget to write them up here. Thank you for reading and I hope this helps! :)

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