Saturday, December 03, 2011

Gym Class Heroes?

Hmm, not exactly :P

Today, I went for a REAL workout with Nell. Mehehehee :P I can't believe I just typed that out, and most of all, I can't believe we actually worked out our plan to go to the gym! :D

I went to the sports center before, which is called Mardyke Arena, just once around a month ago for a basketball tournament :D Here's a post I wrote about it :

Although I have stepped foot in that place before, I was still extremely noob when it comes to how to excess and exit the place. After swiping our student cards to enter the center, we headed to the Female Changing Room. We were so amazed by how well equipped the room was. It had sooooo many big lockers, with functioning showers! And, only after we got back from the gym, we discovered that there were a few of this sort of machine which were very much similar to those hand-drying machines you'd fine in shopping complexes, except for the fact it's purpose is to help dry your whole body! Cool right? :D

After snapping awake from our mesmerization, we decided to place our bunch of things into one of the lockers. We tried to figure out how to use it for around five minutes (we even stole a few glances of a girl dealing with her locker at that time to get a freakin' idea) before we realised that we needed to insert a piece of 1 Euro coin in the locker -______- Noobness strike 2! Finally, after spending almost 15 minutes there, we set out for the gym :D

We didn't want to ask the receptionist again for the directions to the gym, so Nell and I searched high and low for the gym ourselves; with some help from Hanim & Nabihah. Alhamdulillah, we managed to find the it, though I would have never expected to find a gym after passing through so many "secret" doors. We were definitely very conscious of ourselves and we didn't want to make a grand entrance :P We headed to the end of the room, where there were a few treadmills facing a really big glass window. (I didn't take any pictures of the gym cause there's this guard dude in there which I didn't want to mess with :P)

Nell and I fiddled around with each of our treadmills we were on and we eventually got the hang of it. Thank goodness it wasn't difficult at all using it. Every instruction on it were clearly understandable. I personally began with a slow walk, then a brisk walk, then a real jog and then back to a brisk walk and so on. I went on the treadmill continuously for half and hour before I headed of to meet Nell. I was so excited that I managed to go for a "3 km" brisk-walk-jogging-combo :D

One thing that I gotta highlight here is don't ever just step out from the treadmill right after you think you're done. In other words, slow down your pace first and remain slow-walking on it for a while before you get down. Or else you might feel faint and you'd walk like a drunk person (like how I was just now) It does seem funny, but it's pretty serious too :/

So that's basically it, a workout experience in Mardyke Arena. I'm looking forward to go again soon! :)

Nell at the lockers :D Hehe

These are the body-drying machines that I mentioned. 
There's a hose at the end where the air comes out :D

Just Nell & I :)