Friday, December 16, 2011

Dublin Tour: Day 2

Assalamualaikum :)

Here I have some pictures of my second day in Dublin :)

Me with Kak Husna and Kak Izzi :)

I am defying gravity! :P

Pretty tin :D

I have this thing when it comes to taking pictures of tickets :P

My dearies :')

In front of Royal College of Surgeons Ireland (RSCI) :)

I love this photo the most! ^____^

Reminds me of the last restaurant in Malaysia I went to with my family before heading to the airport :) 
Can't wait to go there again with my family :)

The hot chocolate in this Cafe is deemed to be one of the best. And I agree! :D

Cheerful Kak Husna :D

Queuing for some hot drinks :)

In front of a park in Dublin :) I wish blogger can detect a picture which isn't rotated :/

So pretty :)

I'll leave this somehow captionless :P

Nell's being hyper! 

Looks like a normal rock.

Until a little grand bird decided to make a pretty photo out of it :)

Can I run away back there now...

I told you Nell's hyper :P

Kak Izzi :)

Had a couple of travellers take our photo. Haha.

A noob attempt of the fish eye effect.

I miss this moment :)

Little scooters (?) advertising products.

Horsey! ;D

I thought I almost screamed when I saw the word Disney up there. I'm such a big fan of Disney!

Sneaky shot of the dolls 1#

Sneaky shot of the dolls 2#

Sneaky shot of the dolls 1#
(Stitch my baby!) :')
I wish I could buy him but he's way too expensive :/

Many people out there really do have talent :)

Pretty flowers :') Me love :)

This is a real man and on his hand is a real bird!

Garda= Police

Hahah :'D

Brown Thomas. I don't even remember what's in there.

Rolex. Kak Husna told us that this street that we were walking on is the 4th most expensive street in the world :O

Mr Leprechaun :)

Trinity College Dublin, on our way to see the Book of Kells :)

Sp pretty :)

Me again :D

Let's change that to Bells now :P

We weren't allowed to take pictures in the Book of Kells, so we only could afford taking pictures outside.

Pretty Tin :) I think she does look like Yuna somehow :)

Trying to pose, without a chair.

Now what is the name of this? :/

I love looking at buildings like this one here :)

Finally outside of the Trinity College Dublin compound.

Winter trees, city streets.

A building with mesmerizing pillars.

A few statues up and about the city centre.

My pictures are always senget :(

"Touching" the Spire. It looks like a needle, and it's right in the middle of Dublin City. A cool way to know where to find your friend.

How big the Spire actually is.

A Pasar Tani? :DD

The pakcik looks surprised somehow. Haha.

Buffet 79! Time to eat halal buffet food!

Yummy ^________^

Smileeee :D

Four sibling "statues". The other day, we came back and there were only three. Hahah :P

They were excited having their picture taken :)

Had a scoop of rasberry gelato to wrap up the day :)

Geeeelaaaaatooooo :D