Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dublin Tour: Day 1

Assalamualaikum :D

After 3 months being in Ireland, this the first time ever Tin2, Nell & I step foot on Dublin :P

Our day began at roughly 7.30 a.m. Subuh ends at around 8.30 a.m. around this time of the year, so waking up at 7.30 a.m. is actually something quite good I guess :/ Though it seemed quite early, I couldn't escape from getting a panic attack. I haven't done any packing and I had so many things to settle that morning. I actually spent the night before doodling and watching a movie called "Taken" -______-"

Ooookay, let's skip that part :P 

We got a taxi at 9.50 a.m. on our way to Patrick's Quay. It's where we had to wait for a bus to Dublin. We stood outside for almost half an hour and it almost felt like we were chickens in a freezer! :( Being in the cold was unbearable. In my case and Tin's, our fingers felt like we had hundreds of needles poking into them though we had gloves on :/ I kinda felt like crying cause it was super painful :/

White sheets of snow covering the land :)

Along our way to Dublin, we noticed that there was snow at certain areas. The fields look so fluffieh and everything outside, the scenery, the animals, were so amazing to look at, MasyaAllah :) I'm typing this out in my senior's room in Dublin. I asked her about how do we praise Allah's creation. She answered it by asking me to check up Surah Ali- Imran, Verse 191:

Allah created all these for a reason :')

After a 4 hour journey on bus, we finally arrived at our destination. Dublin is really beautiful. It's somehow very much bigger than Cork. It wouldn't be surprising at all to know that Dublin's made the capital of Ireland ;) While waiting for our senior, Kak Izzi to arrive, Nell, Tin & I had a little meal in a cafe' nearby called Ha'Penney Bridge Cafe. We were lucky that we arrived before the cafe' was scheduled to close. Most shops in Ireland usually close at 5 p.m.. That's very early right :P

Our cute little Tin2 :D

Me in Ha' Penney Bridge Cafe'

Some christmas decoration

Tin2 again :P

The menu book. Try to say Ha' Penney. How do you pronounce it? 
We had a big laugh trying to figure out how to say it :P

The coffee. It reminds me of the coffee in the Green Hornet movie :P

Tea *Very random pictures!* :P

After having our meal, we decided to call up Kak Izzi once again to get to know where she was at. She was already at Dublin City, but we didn't know where to find her. As newcomers, we were rather clueless on how to make her understand where exactly we were. We couldn't take the Ha' Penney Bridge Cafe' as a landmark. It was far too small. We needed a bigger building or something. So we chose a white bridge nearby. 

We told Kak Izzi that we were there at the white bridge; stood there for like 5 minutes and we still couldn't spot her. We called her up again and both sides were confused on how to let each other know where we were. Then Kak Izzi heard a siren coming from a Fire Brigade. I heard it too. She asked us to follow the sound. It was funny to hear the siren from the phone and then notice the same Fire Brigade passing by down the other side. Thank you Mr. Fireman! You showed us the direction :D We couldn't imagine how we could ever find her without the siren :P 

A view from a double-decker bus on the way to Kak Izzi's house :)

20 minutes later, we arrived at Kak Izzi's house. The name of the house is Balqis. Such a pretty name right? Thus, finally, no more exposure to the coldness outside for a few hours :) Everything's perfect. The house is lovely and the room is cozy and most importantly, the people inside are really welcoming! I knew I'd love the stay :D The next person that we got to know was the sweet Kak Husna :)

After performing our Salah and resting for a while, Kak Izzi & Kak Husna brought us over to a few more houses around the area. On our way, we dropped by a little take-away restaurant called Favourite Fried Chicken (FFC) to buy some chickens, obviously :P 

Just like the Balqis house, the other houses have pretty names too :) We went to visit Qawi & Uswah. They are slightly more modern-looking. I almost felt like I was paying a visit to a hotel :P We met a few more seniors that we have never met before and I gotta say, they were super nice too! From Cork, to Dublin, to Galway, everybody's just so kind :) We will be meeting them again next week for a Programme called Perhimpunan Musim Sejuk :D

I think I should be off for some sleep. InsyaAllah, tomorrow, our real Dublin trip will begin :)

Our dinner! :P Hehe :D

Tin with cute Mr Moo Moo :P

Going back to Balqis :)