Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Doodle Trade with Robin


I'm quite on a rush to go out right now, but I can't deny how excited I am to share with you a drawing made by my friend Robin (Click on the link to check out his blog! ^___^). He really did a great job! Sangat kemas his drawing :DDD

I actually have a problem with my e-mail, so I couldn't get the original one that he gave me. Thank goodness he managed to take the time to upload the drawing pronto. So that one there is the one that I took directly from his page :DD

So here it is, the one that he did for me:

So pretty! I love how the shoes are like the ones that I have now ^________^
Do visit his blog k! He has reaaaaaaally nice drawings *I swear!*

And this one's from me! :P I drew up a Robin bird over there too, to represent the character he uses for his blog :P

Okay, Time for mandi! I'll be updating my blog on my trips to a few places really soon :D *I am silent but my inner voice is so hyper!* Don't forget to check out the Belliedollies that I made for you! ;D