Friday, December 09, 2011

Doodle Trade with Faten Osman

Assalamualaikum! :)

I woke up still feeling so tired. Solat subuh pun pejam mata. Hehe. In spite of that, I still went on sitting on my chair checking out Facebook and stuff. I'd usually have three tabs open first thing when I go online; Facebook, Blogger & Shoutbox. Then, jeng3! I couldn't say how delighted and energized I became when I noticed that Faten has already made the doodle for our little doodle trade :P Faten is the owner of the blog Tangan Punya Kerja. *Click on the link, you won't regret it!* :D Her artwork is simply superb! Mampu membuat anda tergelak sebab sengal sangat :P Btw, here's the doodle she made:

From Faten Osman :D So cute right? >.< 

This is the one that I made for her :P Hehe.