Saturday, December 31, 2011

Dublin Tour: Day 3

Assalamualaikum :)

After half a month of non-stop "strenous" travelling, I'm finally back home, Alhamdulillah. The weather, the environment and the lack of resistance of my body towards eeky germs sparked a terrible fever in me towards the end of my travels (It has just been two sentences for more than 15 minutes now and I do believe that my inner voice sound so monotonous; skipping any happy smilies)

I paused the other day on Dublin Tour: Day 2. Even then in that post, it's clear that I have already started to feel too tired to even type out one good sentence about my day. I may not be able to type more than I wish I could in this time being but I'm definitely going to try. I'm doing so cause I'm afraid that what I remember from my travels will fade away from my memory. I've learnt that I should at least get a tiny notebook and jot down points on what I find interesting along the way. Very true.

Now I'll get to some pictures that I took for my Dublin Tour: Day 3 :)

We we're leaving Balqis (the name of our seniors' house) for our third day out at Dublin.
It snowed a little that night, and we managed to see the "remnants" of it :P

After arriving at the city, we spotted a restaurant called Nyonya 
which happens to be opposite of the Dublin Castle which we intended to go to. 
Look closely at the tagline of the restaurant :')
I miss Malaysia :)

The entrance of Dublin Castle :)

Just a random photo of the castle from the outside.

The Dublin Castle is not open for tours-according-to-your-own-pace. Visitors who wish to see how it's like in there are required to follow an arranged tour. We were also not allowed to film the tour but it's permissible for us to take pictures :)

Up the stairs into the Castle.

See the harp up there? It's one of the symbols of Ireland. You might actually think it's the symbol of Guinness, but don't be fooled. The Guinness harp has its pillar on the opposite side of the one shown here :P Interesting right? :P

State Drawing Room

This was the first room we visited in our tour. 
The room was destroyed by a fire in 1941, but it was reconstructed and slightly modified (Refer: An interesting thing that I believe the tour guide mentioned that there are lots of mirrors in the room to aid the women with their dresses (so they'd see that they don't have their petticoats hanging outside or anything). The mirrors also function as a medium to increase the brightness in the room. Physics. Cool :D

King George VI's throne

I love the story the lady told about this throne. When I first saw it, I imagined that the throne was purposely made that big. But you see, King George VI was a very big man and the throne was catered for his size. When his successor, a queen (I can't recall her name), became his successor, she continued to use the throne. However, she had to get the throne's legs cut of for it to be shorter so that she could climb on it easier. Now, how cute is that? (I apologize for my lack of knowledge about the names and the history, but I'm merely sharing what I find interesting from the tour) ;)

The tour guide lady's showing the throne.

Cheekily took a photo of muh-self. Haha.

State Dining Room (also known as Picture Gallery/ Supper Room)

This is the oldest room in the castle and escaped the fire (Read more about the fire here: This room is still being used whenever there is a conference in St. Patrick's Hall.

Portraits in the room. I wish I remember who the people in them were :/

The room again :)

St. Patrick's Hall

Conferences are still held here. I love how grand the room looks like :)

Bell Tower of Dublin Castle.

It's my tower! :P

The undercroft of the Powder Tower

This part of the Castle is in another side of the one I went to previously. This is were gunpowders were stored. 

Our tour ended at the moat near the undercroft. We were left to explore a museum outside of the Dublin Castle. There wasn't anything much of my interest in the museum and everybody got hungry, so after a quick round in it, we headed off to the Nyonya restaurant :D

A guest book in the musuem :P

Malaysia :')))

Me with Tin2 :)

I was suddenly being all artistic with my camera :P

I noticed that the plain water that was served to us had lots of these tiny little bubbles. Wouldn't want to miss a shot :D

And another konon-artistic shot :P

Kak Husna & our dishes! Yummy! We had buttered prawns, ayam masak merah & ayam halia. It was awesome :D

After having our meal, we searched for somewhere to pray. As usual, there's always time for a quick photo *winks*

A really meaningful spot :')

Meheheheee :P

I didn't notice we were standing in between the word WAX, until I looked back at the pictures :P

Islam? :)

That night, after arriving back home, we got to know that Kak Najwa's birthday was coming up. So Nell, Tin & I prepared something for her; just a simple card and a little unicorn plushie for her :) 

Kak Najwa loves drawing too :D She made a few letters for each an everyone of us, with a doodle of ourselves in it before we left Dublin :)

The little unicorn :)

In my next post, I will be sharing my experience being in Galway, InsyaAllah :)

Friday, December 16, 2011

Dublin Tour: Day 2

Assalamualaikum :)

Here I have some pictures of my second day in Dublin :)

Me with Kak Husna and Kak Izzi :)

I am defying gravity! :P

Pretty tin :D

I have this thing when it comes to taking pictures of tickets :P

My dearies :')

In front of Royal College of Surgeons Ireland (RSCI) :)

I love this photo the most! ^____^

Reminds me of the last restaurant in Malaysia I went to with my family before heading to the airport :) 
Can't wait to go there again with my family :)

The hot chocolate in this Cafe is deemed to be one of the best. And I agree! :D

Cheerful Kak Husna :D

Queuing for some hot drinks :)

In front of a park in Dublin :) I wish blogger can detect a picture which isn't rotated :/

So pretty :)

I'll leave this somehow captionless :P

Nell's being hyper! 

Looks like a normal rock.

Until a little grand bird decided to make a pretty photo out of it :)

Can I run away back there now...

I told you Nell's hyper :P

Kak Izzi :)

Had a couple of travellers take our photo. Haha.

A noob attempt of the fish eye effect.

I miss this moment :)

Little scooters (?) advertising products.

Horsey! ;D

I thought I almost screamed when I saw the word Disney up there. I'm such a big fan of Disney!

Sneaky shot of the dolls 1#

Sneaky shot of the dolls 2#

Sneaky shot of the dolls 1#
(Stitch my baby!) :')
I wish I could buy him but he's way too expensive :/

Many people out there really do have talent :)

Pretty flowers :') Me love :)

This is a real man and on his hand is a real bird!

Garda= Police

Hahah :'D

Brown Thomas. I don't even remember what's in there.

Rolex. Kak Husna told us that this street that we were walking on is the 4th most expensive street in the world :O

Mr Leprechaun :)

Trinity College Dublin, on our way to see the Book of Kells :)

Sp pretty :)

Me again :D

Let's change that to Bells now :P

We weren't allowed to take pictures in the Book of Kells, so we only could afford taking pictures outside.

Pretty Tin :) I think she does look like Yuna somehow :)

Trying to pose, without a chair.

Now what is the name of this? :/

I love looking at buildings like this one here :)

Finally outside of the Trinity College Dublin compound.

Winter trees, city streets.

A building with mesmerizing pillars.

A few statues up and about the city centre.

My pictures are always senget :(

"Touching" the Spire. It looks like a needle, and it's right in the middle of Dublin City. A cool way to know where to find your friend.

How big the Spire actually is.

A Pasar Tani? :DD

The pakcik looks surprised somehow. Haha.

Buffet 79! Time to eat halal buffet food!

Yummy ^________^

Smileeee :D

Four sibling "statues". The other day, we came back and there were only three. Hahah :P

They were excited having their picture taken :)

Had a scoop of rasberry gelato to wrap up the day :)

Geeeelaaaaatooooo :D