Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Super Duper Happy! :D


I'm extra happy today :D I finally got the gadget that I have long wished for! :) What IS the gadget? It's a Bamboo Wacom pen tablet! It's far from an iPad and it's NOT a Bamboo Wacom pen & touch tablet, but it's what I have been wanting for so longgg :P I bought it on Amazon and I'm 100% satisfied with its service. The expected date of arrival for the parcel was on the 16th of November, but I got it a day before :D Awesome!

Once again, I won't be talking much :P Here are the pictures and the captions! ♥ :3

This is my first ever complete doodle I made using the tablet :D 
It was pretty hard for me to get used to it, but I can't wait to draw some more!

And this is the first intentional doodle that Nell & I made :D 
Thank you Nelly for being there! :P

The parcel! 
How I came to know that the parcel arrived was rather accidental & funny.
Nell wanted to go to the receptionist to buy some coins for her laundry,
so I went in to accompany her.
I was lingering around when I saw a box with the words "Amazon" printed on it behind the receptionist counter.
I asked the person there about it.
(It happened to be that the one on duty was our apartment manager Mr Gregg Ahern)
I asked him, "Who's that parcel's for?" 
Uhmm, well, *I actually asked "What's that parcel's for?" <--nervousness*
With difficulty, he tried pronouncing a name and the name's mine!
Muahahaha :D
Nell and I were dancing like little leprechauns with a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow :3
Okay, that's the caption of this picture :D

A little sticker on the box :)

Me bamboo beeboo :3 I should give her a name :P *crazy* T____T

Everything's so intriguing :3

My excited face! :P Nell took gazillions of pictures of the precious moment :P

And here's the close up!

The happy me testing it out :')

I'll be having sweet dreams tonight :P