Sunday, November 20, 2011

Cobh- Titanic's Last Port of Call [East Cork]

Assalamualaikum! :)

There are no doodles for today but instead, I have some pictures of the place I went to with my friends today :) This time, we went to Cobh, which is right at the end of the Cork Kent Railway Station. (And yes, there's one thing I'd like to mention! Cobh is actually pronounced as "Cove".) We have went on the train once before, heading to Fota Wildlife Park

We haven't done any research about Cobh, so we went there quite clueless, except for knowing the fact that the Titanic ship has been there before :P You can read more about Cobh here: I really wish I had actually read something about it cause trust me, there are extremely so many places that my friends and I haven't explored yet! To pujuk ourselves, we considered it as a blind trip and just took as many pretty pictures of the places as we can :P

I think this is my first snapshot of Cobh :)

Bus ticket hehe :)

This is at Cork! Look carefully, you can see the words "Slamat Tingal" there.
Weird right? Kalau Malaysian, kenapa pulak nak letak selamat tinggal depan rumah?
Kalau mat salleh, what a coincidence! :P

Trying to get a clue of where to go I guess :P

I memang pemalas nak baca semua ni haha XD

The first building in Cobh that we entered :)

Pretty :)

Nell together with a statue of Annie Moore and her two younger brothers, Anthony & Phillip.

I just don't know why I can get so wacky -___-"

A konon-konon DSLR shot! Lol! 

I have a set of yellow beard & mustache! 

*Generating caption*


Shucks, I give up.

The beautiful scenery, and cannon :D

Feels like I'm in Hawaii. Aloha!

I reaaaaaaaaaaaally love this picture :3

Another shot of the park.

Us three :)

Tin & Nelly :)

I think that dome in the middle is some sort of fountain :O

Pretty tin :)

Excited me :P He looks macam tengah tadah tangan nak berdoa :P

Shadow of us holding hands! :)

Can you see our shadows? :3

Weee :)

I am Amierazilla! I can touch the top! ♥

Timon & Pumbaa takde :(

Penat gila nak daki ni!

Kucing gemok yang tak mau gerak :( It's very hard to find cats here and this is the second cat I've seen in a period of three months!

"Doctor only". *kening kening* :P

Titanic trail?

On muh way to ze top :)

Look at the pwetty houses! :3 So cute macam kek lapis. Hehe.

A brief history of the cathedral.

A view from the corner of the cathedral.

ME GUSTAAAAA!!! The cathedral cat!!! Sebenarnya salah satu niat nak g sini nak tengok kucing :3 Tak sangka dapat pegang. Hehe.

Ololololo comelnyaaaa! ♥ __ ♥

Aihhhh geramnya aku! Kalau ada poket doraemon dah lama aku kidnap T_______T

Tq aunty sudi pegang tag dia.

Dah agak dah. Mesti nak ikut balik ni. Ish3 -___-

I thought I could actually "hold" the sun T____T

Taichi ~ (-_- ~)

Serious tak nak ikut? Tak nak ikut sudah. Duk sana atas rumput tu jadi lembu T_____T

The return ticket :)

St. Patrick's Street, on the way back to our house. We were on a double-decker bus!

And that's the end of our day outside :)