Sunday, November 13, 2011

And This Was How I Spent My Week

Assalamualaikum and hi! :)

I'm not going to write paragraphs cause I'd let the pictures talk (with a little caption from me as well). Hehe :P

This was the sight of my bed during exam week :O

It's sorta like a formula I made up to remember that there's more Potassium in the ICF compared to the ECF. Potassium = Potato. Sounds quite similiar no :P

I just couldn't resist writing that at the end :P

A study group on Anatomy and Clinical Practice in my room. My room was FULL of papers and books and I felt like fainting haha.

Do we look like frogs?

Braniacs :D


Aliens :P

This was taken during one really foggy morning. It was extremely cold!

Another sight; at the bridge over to Brookfield Health Sciences Building. Very foggy!

Foundation Day. The CEO and the registrar of my previous college came all the way from Malaysia!

And this was taken on 11/11/11. *I have no pretty pictures of that day, just a picture of the door of an X-ray room* :(  My friend actually had a really bad sprained ankle, so I was with her at the hospital. 

So that's pretty much it :) I'm hoping that the weeks to come will get even more interesting :P