Monday, October 03, 2011

Yikes! I'll Deliver The Lemurs Soon!


Whoahhh, despite the post that I made to increase my motivation, I actually had a rough weekend. Personal stuff, really. I have to settle them quick! I was just done checking out what's up for class tomorrow. I just realised I haven't done my Medical English essay *sighs*.

Yea.. About the lemurs. I did say I wanted to make a post about my trip to Fota Wildlife Park. My plan just ran away. Huwuwu. I'll see where I can fit that in. I have an extremely packed schedule this week *die! die!* O__o

Aiyaaa. I am always so kelam kabut. I'm gonna turn myself into a hardworking Tinker Bell and get it all done.

Btw yea, in spite of my busy schedule, I wanna try to sumbat a few things in it this week:

1. Dancing, perhaps :) It's friggin bored in my room and who cares if I dance like a grandma pun kan. Nobody can see me (v__v)

2. I wanna cook one special dish this week! Cooking ayam masak merah pun dah kira special tau for me :D

3. Go to the city and buy all my periuk nasi, blender and segala2nya that I need left :D That'll be on wednesday coz I'll finish my class at 11! Victory!! I have to make a checklist very very soon :D

4. Catch a movie/ tv show episode. In my room. There's this website which has sooooo many movies and I'm already addicted to it. I hope Vampire Diaries & Glee is out by the time I wanna watch them! :D

5. Download my favourite songs! I only have 30 songs in my phone now :D

6. Make the craziest bulk-studying ever! This is a total must. *faints*

Okay, I have to go off, off and away. My essay is waiting to be done. I'll make sure I deliver the lemurs soon.

Wait! What's a lemur? 

There it is!..

..Well, almost.