Saturday, October 01, 2011

Not The Primrose Path


I guess some of you might have heard of the title of my post; it's definitely previously not from my blog, but it's actually the title of someone's else's blog. The owner of the blog is Allahyarham Dr. Mas Afzal Masarudin, and he's truly an inspiration for me. I came to know about him during a small gathering with my fellow seniors and friends yesterday evening. Allahyarham was a medical student in the UK, thus my seniors here do know some things here and there about him. According to seniors, he suffered a kind of terminal illness and he passed away during winter last year (year 2010). His hardwork, his faith in Allah and all his other great qualities really amazes me. I'm now far and away from my family & reading this post under the link down here really touched my heart :( It's his last post and he shared with the world how much he loved his mother.

The link of the last post he wrote:

p/s: I love you mummy! :(((