Saturday, October 01, 2011

Kesemangatan & Kejakunan


Harini rasa happy sangat, exactly kenapa pun tak tahu. I have been quite ill these past few days, and I guess it sucked the soul outta me XD I made a list of what things I will be doing today and I'm gonna get them all cancelled off by tonight (let's see if that works)

This is my room in my apartment :D I'm gonna turn it into a much more homey place gradually (and girly too) :3 Picture 2 and 3 were taken last week, so I guess if you look carefully, you can spot some differences here and there :P

Tu wayar laptop tu. Panjang ceritanya kalau nak bagitahu kenapa tak susun wayar tu atas meja T___T

My little fairies! *sayangggg*

Heheh, motifnya nak tunjuk almari :D

This is for my motivation! A clear room leads to a clear mind <----My own quote hahaha ~(-.-~) 

Btw, excited sangat ni nak upload gambar my student card kat sini! I know, I am batak sikit, semua benda nak excited. Mulut keluar wap pun excited (-_-)" 

Muka ceria tak boleh blah :P Heheheh :P Okay! Tonight, insyaAllah, after completing my studying for today, I will be uploading some pictures I took at a place called Fota Wildlife Park in County Cork. I'll story mory too of course! Whoah! Okay banyak cakapnyeee :D Malam ni jumpa lagi :D Sekali tengok takde sape baca *Forever alone*