Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Fota Wildlife Park [Cork Harbour, Ireland]


Rasanya ramai yang dah tidur by now :) This is my first ever post about my travels *excited* :D

I went to FWP last Sunday, together with my closest friends and my seniors in my ''Ohana''. Ohana's actually a name of a senior-junior programme here; we can basically discuss about anything during the meetings, do study groups or even go travelling (like this one here).

We set out for our journey rather early as we had to make sure we don't miss the scheduled train to FWP. In total, we had to take roughly half an hour to get to our destination. It was extra cold and it was raining quite heavily at that time, so most of us geared up with our waterproof jackets. Some of us did bring umbrellas but the wind was too strong that it pulled up the umbrella's skirt *shame shame*.

I personally loved looking at the scenery from outside the windows of the train cause I'm fond of lush greenery :) They say that Cork isn't the cleanest place in Ireland but still, it kinda looks pretty good to me. I can't wait to go to Killarney someday, they say THAT'S the cleanest county in Ireland. I bet if it is, I'd be rolling on the pavements :D

Before we come to the pictures, let me tell you a little bit about FWP. It's situated 15 minutes away from Cork City. It is known as one of the most modern wildlife parks in Europe. By the name, you can guess that it is the home of quite a number of endangered wild animals (they didn't act that wild). Hehe.

Over there, I got the chance to see some really cute and unique animals such as kangaroos, lemurs, scruffy penguins and different sorts of birds. Frankly speaking, there were so many birds there till I almost thought it was more like an aviary rather than a common zoo. I didn't manage to see many more animals due to time restrictions. Some of my friends who got the chance to explore further got to see cheetahs. I wish I got to see them!

After taking a short round there, my Ohana group and I spent most of our time playing with the tabla and getting our hands painted. I swear I badly wanted a lemur to be drawn at my hand and I got it! Yeay! :P

Our last agenda at FWP was under a big canopy. We had our lunch, prayed jemaah & we got to learn about a few Islamic infos that are useful for us here, such as samak, jamak qasar & food-related ones. Performing the prayer there was a new experience for me. I have never prayed with only newspaper being the sejadah. We also got the chance to celebrate one of our senior's birthday. Happy Birthday! :') Ouh yes, I forgot to mention that I enjoyed the dishes the seniors brought so so much! Nasi lemak, bread pudding, apple crumble.. Ouh dear, they were so scrumptious! :D

Okay, I can't wait to let out the pictures. Haha. Can't babble lagi dah :) Let's check them out! :P

Tadaaa! Banyak kan gambar? I wish I had seen more animals there. FWP is 70 acres in total. Lain kali subuh2 kena keluar! Haha :D Okay! I'm hungry now. Hehe. Thanks for reading :D See you soon! Xx