Sunday, October 30, 2011

Failte Freshers (Bunratty Castle & Folk Park) [Limerick, Ireland]

Assalamualaikum! :)

Alhamdulillah, on Saturday the 29th of October, the Corkians, the Galwegians & the Dubliners were finally gathered for the Failte Freshers Programme :) Ever since I got here, I have never went outside of Cork, so yesterday was my first time stepping into another county in Ireland, which is Limerick. It took us roughly 2 hours to get to Limerick from Cork by bus.

The most exciting moment I pictured in mind was the thought of meeting our bestfriend Naz, who's the only one of our group of five who's now studying in National University of Ireland Galway. In fact, it was the most awesome moment ever! The second we saw her, we felt like the moment was going to last forever :) It has been some time and we miss Naz soooooo much! InsyaAllah, she'll be coming over to Cork today with little miss Hannah Alya (who I miss so much too!). Can't wait!

In this post, I have some pictures which my friends and I took during the trip. There should actually be a 2nd half of the pictures, that should be taken at the Folk Park, but my battery went dead and I couldn't take any more! Sobs! So the pictures down here are majorly around the Bunratty Castle. As for descriptions for Bunratty Castle, I can include some captions. Unfortunately, I only have to only describe in words about Folk Park :( *I will try to cilok some pictures of Folk Park from my friends though :D*

Folk Park is actually a small village near the Bunratty Castle which is recreated. They refurnished everything and made the village look like how it should be like during the 19th century. There were small shops and houses which really looked so vintage. There was this one shop in the little village which had a service in which we can have our photo taken wearing the 19th century dress. Cool right? But guess the price. It's 35 Euros for one piece of photo, which is equaled to roughly around RM 140! Mahal gila right! I didn't take the picture lah (although I wanted to). One of my friends did, together with her assigned group.

Failte Freshers is about building up motivation & good habits while enjoying the outdoors of Ireland. Remember I mentioned "assigned group" in the last paragraph? We were assigned in groups lead by our very own lovely seniors. Members were from UCC, NUIG & RCSI. At one point of our walk through the Folk Park, we settled down & went though a few activities in which we learnt briefly about the 7 habits to highly effective people. Familiar, no? It's actually the title of a book written by Steven R. Covey. You can look at the synopsis here:

Aitte, now here comes the pictures! Hehe :D

On the way to our mini bus :P

The Itinerary

Heeeeee :P *credits to: Tin*

What can you see? Hahahhh :P Jahat gila sape buat tu.

Yeayyyy!! *credits to: Tin*

Reunited!!!! :') :') :')

The Fam Fams, wish you were here Nabihah!

The brochure.

I exclaimed: ''Toilet!'' *Happy ada toilet, bersih lak tu!*

Sayang :')))

Is it a whale? Is it an aeroplane? Nope! It's a fisherman's sampan. Hehe.

In one of the houses near Bunratty Castle.

It does look like a bicycle, only thing is, I don't think it is :/

On our way to Bunratty Castle :)

The glorious Bunratty Castle!

Pretty old building :)

Who's that pokemon? :O

This is right in the middle of the Great Hall. It's their central heating system. 
They barbeque animals in here too :P
Check out this website for more info:

See the window? It's where the women see everything that's going on in the Great Hall.
Women are forbidden to come into that room.
I'm not sure if it's for certain or only if there's a judgement session going on. 
And see that little hole? It's where soldiers peak & eavesdrop.

The Chair of Estate.

One of the fine tapestries.

A real antelope horn! It's really big. Sadly, the animal is extinct in Ireland :(

The Bunratty Castle Fertility Stone. They say, whoever touches it will have a big family.
Khurafat lah nak percaya kan, tapi saje je gatal tangan nak pegang gak.
Banyak kali pulak tu. Teehee! :P

Posing, konon cahaya keimanan -____-

It feels like we're in a cave. We were actually going down the stairs :)

Freedommmm! Wahaha.

In front of Bunratty. Well, technically, at the side of Bunratty.

Sisterly love :')

Naz & hoodie. Comel kan? :D

Bella & hoodie. Wakakakk!

Armours in one of the bedrooms.

What do you think of this bed? Berani tidur atas katil ni? :D

Macam treasure box at the side tu.

A little wine cellar I suppose :)

Baby cot!! Agaknya baby tu hidup lagi ke? 

Fireplace yang besar :O

Looking from the women's window :) Kecik sangat right?

Actually ada patung Jesus disalib kat tepi tu, tapi tak nak amik gambar.

Makhluk ni diawet kot :/

Hay kot! 

On top of the Bunratty Castle!

Me lovelies :)

Nelly & Belly!


The view from the tower :)

The view OF the tower.

Back on the ground :)

Apa motif? :O

I love this pic, tak tau kenapa. Hahaha :P Thanks tin :D

Castle again :)

With Tin :)

Eh eh eh. Pandang apa tu. Hahaha.

Another brochure :)

Indahnya suasana solat :)

Talk :)