Sunday, October 09, 2011

Basketball Time!


I just got back from the Mardyke Arena, a sports centre situated 10 minutes away from the student accomodation. Kak Zayana, our 2nd year senior organized a basketball tournament especially for the girls. Upon hearing this, I was so excited cause it has been quite some time since I joined any sports events. I wasn't even good but I really did want to try out!

The tournament was held from 10.30 a.m. till 1.30 p.m. The fun that we had throughout the whole tournament really did wash away our tiredness. I went crazy when I got the chance to hold the basketball. It's been years! It felt like heaven doing dribbles and shooting the ball into the goal. At first, I became the referee, but during the second half, I decided that I also wanted to play :P Hehehe. I sucked at being a referee. The whistle that I blow always sounded like someone wheezing :P 

There were four groups in the tournament, namely; Istanbul, Kebabish, Flapper and Shinee. We played basketball the street style. There were not many rules and it was undeniably awesome. The flow of the tournament was like a league. After this team battling with that team, the tournament was finally won by group Shinee. I really really supported group Shinee coz Nabihah and Isha were in it. Glad they won! :P 

Ouh yeah, Nabihah also showed me how to do lay-ups. She was damn great during the competition! Before this, I have never had the courage to do lay-ups. But just now, in the court, I tried to brace myself and practice the lay-ups. It felt really awkward cause you have to dribble and shoot the poyo-poyo style. But in the end, I actually managed to do it! Well at least Nabihah said so. Teehee! :D

Okay, here are a few pictures that are in my handphone. Not much, but at least I have some for the memories! :P

My Kebabish & Istanbul Group

Fama & I :D

The Harimau Malayas, Isha & K.Ain! Grrreow!

My two lovely fam fams, Nabihah & Fathin :D

Okay! That's all for now! Thanks for reading and have a good day! :D