Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Away In The Noon


I have just gotten back from the City Centre and guess what, I walked home alone! It wasn't a really long walk, but my lenggang-lenggang kangkung walk took me around half an hour to reach home. It was my first time walking alone from the city and I felt so independent. Lol! :P

Before I proceed, I wanna mention about my previous post. Thank you very much to those who were concerned. Hard moment plus laptop in front, means a production of a new post T___T After going out just now, it felt so weird that I wasn't thinking much about it, in fact, I was actually really missing my family :( My baby sister Amanda will be having her 7th birthday this November, so that added to my homesick feeling. I wish I could be there with you guys right now :(

Anyway, I saw one dress which I really2 like, but it was a bit too expensive. I held it in my arms for over 15 minutes before I put it down and swapped it with another one which is half it's price. I do wish I have that dress, but sokay, I must remind myself of my budget hehehe.

The atmosphere outside. There was like a band in the middle of the crowd actually.

Hmm, I wonder for whom these are for :P

My baby owl & umm, something else :)

New shawl too! :)

I also bought myself a plain black pashmina & a cheap blouse-dress *or whatsoever you call it* and I can't wait to wear them during the hols! :P