Saturday, September 24, 2011

When Two Worlds Collide

Assalamualaikum :)

Yesterday in my latest post, I mentioned about surah Ad-Dhuha and how I relate it to what I'm facing. I guess I can relate it with what I encountered today too.

I was on the bus together with three of my friends, Nell, Saiyi & Yana. We were on our way back to our houses at Victoria Lodge. I was actually out to the city to buy a printer (usually we'd only walk home but with that load, yes of course, walking wouldn't be convenient at all). While we were on our way home, the bus stopped at a bus stop. I saw three teenagers, two girls and one boy, around the age of 15 or 16. They were looking at my friends and I and obviously, they can see me coz I'm the one exactly at the window.

The bus took around a 5 minute stop. Suddenly, I heard a knock on the bus. I turned to where I heard the knock and I spotted the boy squatting down next to the bus looking at me. The bus is more or less like the Rapid Penang bus, it's rather shallow (is this term right?), so you can just see people walking pass the bus without looking down. I turned my head back to the front and ignored it. When the bus was about to leave the bus stop, I turned around again and looked at the three teenagers. The boy suddenly sprang up from his squatting position and made a rude gesture; he stuck out his tongue, made that budak nakal tongue sound and stuck his thumbs to his ears and wiggled his fingers (Umm, can u imagine that?). I'm very very sure it's towards me coz obviously he was looking straight at me like just now & in front of me was just a toddler.

I was surprised by what the boy did. I immediately felt like, is it probably because of the hijab I have on my head? Were they being racist? I didn't know. Or maybe, they're just punks. Maybe they do it to everyone. It was rather embarrassing when I heard them laughing and all. Such rude kids. May they get guidance -____-"

This is not the only story about the challenges that we have to face in this whole different environment. I guess, it's best to think that some of them just don't understand other people well enough to treat people politely. Well, NOT EVERYONE here is like that, honestly speaking. In fact, I have met such wonderful, lovable & giggly people and they could make me keep my smile even after walking a mile long :') I really praise my lecturers, taxi drivers and people who deal with customer services here (people who work with customer service must be polite lah kan? haiyahhh -____-). Ouh yes, in supermarkets too :) They're all very nice :) About all this impoliteness matter, even in our country, things like this do happen, don't they? It all depends on individuals themselves. I never felt it before because I'm the people of my own country. Now I'm a foreigner. That makes such a big difference.

Ouh yeah, btw, I found this photo. The contents of this photo reminds me of when my lecturer here in UCC asked us Malaysians if our culture is like this or that as referred to the slideshow she had :) Hmm, nice to know huh? :) *just click on it to see a clearer view of it :)*