Thursday, September 22, 2011

My Early Days in Ireland :)


Obviously I have missed manyyyyyyy things that I could have mentioned about my first few days in Ireland. Ruginya tak tulis! I wanna write now but I have loads of homework to do, but still, I'll write a lil something here coz I feel so gian heheheh :P

I have four subjects in my first module here in my course. There's Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry & Clinical Examination. Each and one of them are interconnected to each other, which makes it easier for learning and understanding. Out of all four, Anatomy had always and still currently is my favourite subject :) My least favourite subject is Biochemistry coz those Chemistry stuff freaks me out -____-"

Speaking briefly about the environment, it's reaaaaaaaally cold here and it's actually still summer! (well, autumn is in two days time though). If the temperature now is already around 10 degrees celcius, I don't dare imagine how cold winter would be like :O At times there's this like colddd breeze gushing towards you, and that's when you'd get your teeth chattering and your hands finding their way into somewhere warm. Anddd, instead of having air-conditioner in your room, you have a heater. It doesn't make any white noises, so it's very hard for me to sleep at night without leaving the window open a few centimetres to let some noises from outside to come in. It really reminds me of a movie played by Sarah Jesicca Parker, in which she was given a CD which contains white noises of New York to help her fall asleep :P

It seems like I have been writing a lot (in which I shouldn't have in this time being!) Haha :P InsyaAllah I will be writing about all of these, possibly more about the house & town that I'm living in now & of course, my University. Andddd, before my memory fades aways, I might as well turn back and also write about my journey from Malaysia all the way here! I would really want to read my blog later on when I'm in the period of my senescence :)

This is the main quadrangle of University College Cork *seniors do expect that almost all the students will have a picture of themselves in front of the quadrangle. LOL! (And yea, the photo is dark right :( Sobsss!!)