Saturday, September 03, 2011

Everything's Going Raya

It's almost two and I'm wide awake. I'm having a cough, a really terrible one. I'm seriously not looking forward to waking up temporarily mute and feeling sore inside my chest :/ My day was horrible thinking of it, especially in regards of the fact that I was extraordinarily grumpy today. Pity mummy & baba. Maybe this pain works as a mood inhibitor and a mouth-silencer :/ *sigh*

Always, when my mood runs downhill, one of the things I'd do is turn to my blog. The "Design" tab becomes my aim. I'd linger around every editing option, checking out what can be done to satisfy my needs (and mood).

And there it goes, my blog just got her baju raya. I feel better now. So editting my blog probably really IS my hobby, though I must remind myself it's almost effortless; with all that just-click options :P It's therapeutic for me and I bet at least Arif Aizudin thinks so, referring to my reaction when I badly wanted to finish up editting my blog. Hehe sorry :3

Okay, nightey night :) I deeply aplogize to anyone who just finished reading this crappy post. Teehee!